Mages are disliked and related issues

First of all, since start, mages, and also healers and dex light players have been left behind, because of the absence of voidbent intel. It has been 6 months but ok.
The issue is, now it becomes even worst than ever, why?

  • It’s easier to grind mutations level when you have a voidbent set, because everything is 600 and easy to level up. While as an intel player or a bow player you don’t have voidbent, you tried to find pieces with 2 perks for pvp, and now it’s a infinite grind to level up your 595 to 600 pieces. I’m not even talking about crafting some 600 for pve as it would required all the trophies and equipment, and an average try of 6 by piece. Which costs a lot of ressources. And is most of the time useless in pvp. Whereas tanks and heavy can level up their pve stuff as the same time as their pvp stuff, while also being advantaged leveling 600 pieces.
    So it’s a big big disadvantage for light players, especially mages and healers.
  • New world was supposed to be a pvp oriented game, and it is mostly due to his fonctionment, and now to be competitive in pvp you need to grind pve. I understand that you add some pve content, but it’s a shame to force pvp players to grind pve.
  • Absence of light intel drops in dungeons, and also non bis weapons.
    When you play hammer, bow, dex, strenght, heal, you have bis weapons, also bis jewelry, whereas we don’t.
    So now we are forced to grind for hours dungeons to be competitive, spending way more gold than others, and being unable to drop bis compared to other classes who can. Nice!
  • If over all that, you add the dodge animation cancel that is planned to be remove, well you just basically killed mages and light class. Good for diversity.
    I advocate in favour of removing the animation without the need to sheath ur weapon, as most.
    Otherwise I guess you can call it new cac heavy world, it would be more accurate.

Ps: Making it possible to sign up at a war green yellow while being purple creates unsane alliances beetween people, who just protect allies from a different colour that help them in their will to keep high income cities, and it kills some servers. I guess at first the idea was to be 2 against the strongest colour or to fill the need for players, but now it has turn in an impossible situation of being unable to conquer certains territories because of alliances inter factions.


Actually this is not at all the case. Voidbent is a meme. It was and is used because of its easy ability to be duped in the past, and its luck options paired with high defenses.

Optimally speaking, voidbent is not even that close to best in slot gear. If you want to really dive into the math, its very suboptimal for top end performance.

I am purely a pvper. I will do pve in this game for now because there is nothing else to do really. Opr ques are insane because of the rapidly declining population. I think ranked arena’s will go a long way to restore the games population after the orb fixes that are needed.

That being said, No game can live on just pvpers and have large amounts of population and success. Take this from your mind. You and every other non-designer related pvper out there needs to understand this. I am telling you as a designer, and if you are not one you wont really understand it fully but to make it easy you just dont make up enough of the population to make it worth our time to make “full pvp games”.

Ok. We really need to have some reworks to the bonus systems, especially as i recommended before having the bonus’s applied based on each amount of gear equpped and those bonus’s based on the attributes you have.

For example
What 200 str provides to light and heavy armor is not what 200 int gives. Each piece should give you stacking bonus. “for each piece of light gear you get x% bonus”. This way each attribute provides a unique bonus for each of the three types of gear. Opening this up will provide immense customization options, removing a hard restriction to have xyz.

There are behaviors that are happeing that are invalidating professions. For example, the concept of having medium chest or 2 medium pieces other then chest to optimize defenses and still stay in light.

This game logic is invalidating clothing and leathering professions heavily so much so that no build (outside of people who are just plane ignorant) runs light chest armor.

Its a fix that needs to change and the best option is to look into something like the above, the easiest is to just saying “you are the type of armor class of your heaviest armor piece” for example, all light and 1 medium will make you medium armor class, not light.

Thesse issues are really being abused by 3rd party softwares, and they need to be fixed. There are other options that can provide stability to the mage class, like buffing defensives like tomb which are already kind of meme-ish (actually they are really not good to run).

I have already addressed this. You should only be able to join your factions side (attacker/defender), and i’d like to look into invasions and wars not being moderated by players in any form (this includes the popular spam kick until all guildies are in option).

I know that voidbent is suboptimal for pvp, and maybe I didn’t expressed myself well, what I meant is, it’s easier to get to mutation 9 or 10 with voidbent compared to gear with 595 to 599, because it takes way less shards to climb levels, and then you earn so much shards in the last levels that you can easily improve your pvp stuff.

I know that and I said that’s ok to add pve content, it just shouldn’t get in the way of pvpers, who just like to do world pvp, duels, opr, and wars. And none of these activities reward players with shards.
So yes you need to satisfy everyone, but pve players are not forced to do any of the pvp activities, while pvp players are.

The way the economy is built forces territories’ company owners to select optimal rosters for invasions, and wars, otherwise you cannot win, and it’s a big loss of po.
The alternate way to make this type of content available for everyone is to make exhibition wars and invasions where everyone can participate and no selection is done, that count for nothing. Or little things only. This way everyone is happy. It seems to be the direction AGS choose as I saw in one of the QA video.

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