Mages in mutations feels like bad experience

Hello am returning player been playing since 4 weeka I run vg/ig as melee caster

Noticed most of groups won’t let mages join mutations in fact i rarely get accepted in groups and ppl demand me to switch to hatchet/speer etc, to join their group ( tho am using full ward gear/bane weps with bis perks for each wep)

As mage main and love to use voidblade as melee caster for dps and also provide suuport to party to increase their dmg or weaken enemies. Kinda sad i can’t enjoy what i prefer to play since most of time ppl will only pick full hatchet/spear or gs/wh ga users in their group

Maybe a bit buff for mages so players who enjoy playing mage can enjoy the game like others


Maybe there can be a perk in talent tree or armor/weapons that provides rend for VG?

Like a short duration “Rending Oblivion” or “Rending Scream”. Part of the reason why they like Spear but not the only reason.

I guess vg tree is fine am using obvi for weakning and give dmg buff . Also i always keep nulify obvi perk in all my gears sets incase enemies has special buffs abilities to shut it or use scream perk on some expeditions that enemies drink health potions

I think is the dmg wise what make ppl not taking mages

Reason is that 1 VG is enough and it can be used by the healer, especially considering VG doesn’t do that much damage anyway.

IG doesn’t do much damage either, has long cooldowns, and low utility compared to weapons like spear.

So yeah, damage is one reason mage sucks in PVE, but you also don’t need a full support build when you can have a support healer and damage utility instead.

That would make sense tbh but i rarely see healer put obvi in melee range from my short experience playtime since i returned

Not sure what consider high dmg am doing with voidblade around 2.8k non crit and 3.6-4.1k crit with light attacks /heavy thrust deals 5k-6k not counting the voidblade dots or obvi dots + void caller passive when it activate

Is that consider low dmg ?

Yeah but overall it’s just inferior. 300 strength passive let’s you DPS harder, spear gives 42% dmg reduction and max rend, hatchet defy death, infinite torrent spam clump delete, more rend, and cleanses cc. Like I said, damage is one area it falls short in but when you consider all the factors it really seems weak.

Reading this yeah that make alot of since and kinda sad that mages are just not good enough for mutations feel like just forced play what meta currently is even if you don’t enjoy it

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I feel you, I played 1K hours with FS/IG being my only fully leveled weapons. Avoided mutations like the plague due to how common fire/ice mutations were, let alone not ever getting invited. Once I leveled hatchet spear it was as if I was finally allowed to play the other 50% of the game.

Many people dont take Fire Mages in Ancient (Lazarus and new expedition) because of old list with DEBUFF -40% Fire Dmg.

But at current patch negative DMG nerf got removed. We only get the bonus DMG boost and the rest are ‘neutral’.

The thing what confused me mutations have random resistance for ex mobs take 50% less damage from fire/ice/void/nature depend what the elemental mutation will be and some drain your mana which make it even worse for mages

I didn’t see any slash/thrust resistance in mutations or stamnia drain from what i experienced so far feel like just melees have it easy way with big dmg

No idea how u can complain about mana, u have 8 sec cooldown on mana pots.

Also thats why people use gears with ward resistance and Stones (depending what mutation is in rotation).

Am always using ward/potions and stones

Not a complain more like what am saying i didn’t see any thrust/slash or strike resistance on any mutations or stamania drain
If u are using any melee weps u don’t need to swipe weps most of time unlike mages for ex u can’t use fs if the mutation has fire resistance cuz u will deal only half of ur dmg

What am trying to say is melee have it easy and don’t need to worry about dmg resistance or any thing else

I dont really know deep details about mutations. I mostly only do when friends really need shards and cant find 5th person.

But if I’m not wrong there is a physical resistance mutation?

A lot of players don’t realize this was updated so I tend to get last picked for corruption expeditions because I run VG/IG. Sometimes people ask me why I’m running IG against corruption. I can’t wait for damage scores to go live. It would also be nice if the game was clear on fire/ice resistance removal.

Yea, its mostly why many ppl arent picked in Normal Expeditions aswell. Maybe an official announcement about DMG boost and DMG neutral against each type of mobs would be helpful.
So everybody can see there are no more DMG reduction against any type of mobs in expeditions.

Nope only elemental unless for certain mobs that it’s not from mutations extra mechanics and debufss

Tbh i only noticed that few days ago lol someone told me about it and tested

Unless they changed it but VG rend does not obey the rend cap, and it’s really hard for a healer to maintain it.

Many people don’t know the major dps increase IG/VG combo brings. 10% increase to dex/str builds due to slows, 30% empower, aoe rend that ignores cap, weaken, disease …every group should bring one tbh.

And ice gauntlet showers in dynasty barrels, gen tree, green keeper…and various other situations is amazing as well. :woman_shrugging: I love my ig/vg mage friend haha.

Dynasty Barrels and Genesis Tree got a lot increase in life/defense. Now only if u go afk they get destroyed.

I see people fighting in mutations close to tree and still remain half HP or so.