Mages left out ONCE MORE (ptr patch)

How was extended Burning (and Bleed for that matter) duration not increased whereas things like Poison duration got buffed on Rings?

Considering how the Fire Staff was treated in the past compared to Bow, which has higher dps AND range AND projectile speed AND dex perks being much superior, this is a slap into our face.

It’s also terrible that the devs seem not to care that Pillar of Fire aiming remains bugged and makes you forcingly home on allies.


I think they are afraid of making fire staff overpowered again. They rather wanna have it underperform than trying to bring it to a balanced spot.
What it would take is:

Incinerate: base ability can do backstab damage, weapon perk gives it grit.

Burnout: base ability gets a cast animation like rapier fleche.

Meteor shower: rework to something useful. Maybe a single bigger meteor that strikes a chosen area after 3-5s giving others the chance to leave the point of impact?


A single meteor with knockback similar to hammer clearout (4m knockback) would make it useful. Eh. One can only dream.


I feel like mages are in a good spot actually, the problem is just the overturned bow. The massive hitbox and fast fire rate of the bow just outperformes every weapon in the game atm


I think it could be better, but I do agree/think that has played a part. I notice there’s a lot less mages around.
That’s for sure.

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To be a bit impartial here, they already buffed burning to 30% on rings two months back if I am not mistaken. Apart from that, they seem to just be elevating all the debuff perk duration modifiers (to include poisoning) to 30%. You can still get ~80% burn duration increase from Burning, Fire Staff’s Kindle, and the 250 Intelligence Threshold, that is if all of those perks are working in tandem correctly.

Burning - Perk - New World Database (

There still is room for improvement of course when it comes to Meteor Shower, Pillar of Fire like you said in another thread, and doing away with the windup on Burnout. Thwarting Strikes at least does not feel like a complete waste for FS now that Incinerate gets grit and Mortal Power might really make FS a good sustained DPS weapon. The backstab removal on Flamethrower and Incinerate are understandably tough to adapt to.


This.^ once the stagger is removed from pen shot bow is done, I don’t think they can challenge good mages anymore. and if they slightly reduced the rate of fire on the bow, fire mage is bis. But even with the stagger remove from pen shot is enough, won’t stop me now.

This will never happen. It could actually make FS diverse and viable again.

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Lemme correct you:

Once stagger is removed finally Bow won’t be at an unfair advantage anymore vs FS and require more skill.

But still remains the widely preferred weapon for range cause FS even with its upcoming PTR changes has 1-2 viable abilities, terrible range and worse DPS.

I understand your pain friend, tanks are always forgotten. Oops, I was wrong, we got nerfed again,

You are Probably just bad with firestaff then. :confused: One bow isn’t even that big of a deal unless they run rapier, to flèche away and go back to pew pew, but now it will be even easier to run them down with no pen shot stagger. Probably just a git gud case for you. Firestaff does huge damage. Your delusional to think otherwise. One fireball hits for 3-4k when I crit. And it’s up every 5 seconds with full refreshing and heavy hit cdr. Bow players are only hard to fight when there are multiple shooting you at the same time.



there is hope

let us pray to the Amazon God’s that this wont be nerfed, after getting Live… or before

People always say that to disregard what we’re saying. I’m good with firestaff and still think it’s lame. It’s why it’s not what I primarily use.
There’s only 3 viable options in firestaff abilities and one of them has a huge windup.

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Fireball hits for 4k when you crit. Maybe in your “test” against dummies with no Resilient.
I like how your name checks out.

Personal attacks against me dont give you any credibility.
Even less your aggressive desperate attempt to have the Bow remain OP and the widely considered bad FS as it is - by claiming that you used the latter. :joy::thinking:

Fun fact: the Spear is a godly secondary by skilled light armour bow players that know to time their abilities


Hey there madGigachad, mages are fantastic and so is your feedback, I will get this sent up the chain so the Dev team can take a look at this post. Take care!


That gives hope however these are just BIS weapons we can already aquire, which don’t help the Fire Staff’s terrible performance.

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Thanks a ton for reacting/forwarding this issue and thanks to all other upset (fire) mages for your input.

please, add a dps meter :slight_smile:

and testing dummies, in different armor loads

light, medium, heavy


Thank you!

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I’m not sitting here trying keep bow being Op? I’m saying it will be significantly easier to kill them since they lose their stagger on pen shot and poison arrow is getting big nerf as well. There are barely any bows in wars still. Just a few cracked bow players , it’s just an issue in opr because there are literally 10 of them in each team. Fire staff doesn’t under perform, if you think it does your just not playing right. Simple as that full stop.

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