Mages making fun of melee (including Xaryu)

Recently, I noticed that specifically mages are making jokes about melees using the left mouse button and etc.
Then I wonder, is it serious? Do mages really think they’re that far apart when it comes to skill?

I witnessed the launch of the game and to this day I see mages killing melees in 1 ice shower and sometimes 2 auto-attacks… pressing left button from safe distance is what makes you so good?

This… this ridiculous gap closer built into the greataxe’s light attack is the issue and what they’re referring to. It’s range is ridiculous and yes, requires no thought, hence the jabs about brain dead left clicking.


I actually think ice shower is more toxic than melee-tracking.

Mages are definitely trying to meme about melee(or more specifically great axe) left click = autowin to exaggerate their point, but I’ve never met a great axe player who could win against any decent mages on my server just by left clicking alone and using no skills.

And yes, mages definitely don’t trumpet the fact that they spam left click far more than great axe users and their projectiles aren’t even hard to land unlike musket for example.

just walk around?


Ohh the irony… mages with a pulse can beat anyone by using nothing but left click and infinite dodge/roll/iframe spam.

I agree, the “sticky melee” of the great axe is annoying, but wtf else does melee have to catch runners? Every other melee weapon has hugely telegraphed abilities that are easily iframed.

Until they get rid of spammable invulnerability, I will proudly spam my GA left click, cause FU that’s why.

Well, melee gets their auto tracking. Give ranged aim assist for snap targeting. That way it’s balanced for everyone.

when you can literally “jump” out of ice shower, walk around of ice shower, dodge through ice shower, iframe through ice shower. COMPARED TO GRAV WELL, u’re stuck in there till the end of the duration.
how fair :smiley:
mages are supposed to be glass cannon. we squishy af, rewarding when we land skills.
now that all our skills are being nerfed, this is really sad.


Sure… just as soon as they remove the 4k hits into heavy armor.

“jump” through ice shower is just a mage fallacy.
Yes, you can unstuck yourself (NOT instantly) yet you still debuffed and IG projectile hitbox are still huge…
Jump is not an explanation on why IG can 100-0% players on ice shower in few seconds…

Mages complains about melee tracking but they don’t even need to move against GA.
GA damage DON’T outdamage IG iceshower combo.

unironically axe users complaining about ice shower when pressing leftclick or whatever the fuck it is literally launches u through an ice shower without getting stuck or affected by it, ur literally glued to a persons ass travelling by simple mouseclicks that don’t even have to be aimed properly.

that said ice shower can be Jumped out of and easily avoided if u have brains… also mages don’t neccesarly mean people who use ice shower, i play firestaff/rapier myself, ice gauntlet is indeed way to strong and i’m not a fan of using it myself cause it is boring… but what they did to ice gauntlet in ptr is ridiculous, same with firestaff nerfs and such meanwhile axe and hammer gets buffed when its the most played build heavily dominated in all pvp instances?

thats like riot games looking at a certain champion that has a 80% winrate and 80% pick rate and they decide to buff that shit, it makes no sense.


Im a spear user.
IG players kill me 5 times faster than GA.

I’m a spear user and both GA and IG players need to chill; you both have it easy.

That’s because most melee users are LMB spammers even if they have CDs available. I’ve met the polar opposite too, who actually force you to react to what they ae doing (starting heavy attacks if they see you blocking, not popping Ripostes, using CDs to set up bursts and so on), and it makes a HUGE difference.

That being said, Ice Gauntlet atm is overtuned and the nerf are necessary, escpecially with Void Gauntlet brining another AoE to the table, not to mention it’s 20% dmg buff part.

Which is how it’s supposed to be? Mage is a DPS class and also you are a “assassin” type of class. Like imagine complaining about ADC in LoL being able to kill someone faster than a bruiser. You should be complaining that you do less burst and no obvious auto snapping aimbot auto attack compared to GA because you are supposed to be “assassins’” type of class here which is usually also the carry.

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you can dodge right when gravity well hits also most kits build a movement ability to get out or of course you can ice block.

Everyone wishes to feel superior to another. It provides validation. The reality is mages are not any more difficult to play than melee dps. And xaryu is the equivalent of a teenage girl. He spent weeks 1 v 5 fighting people on his mage with no acknowledgement of just how broken his class was. And now that it is toned down, he whines and lashes out at melees. Petty and lame.

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musket… hard to land… lmao

get outta here

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Having played both, I do think that the lack of hit scan does give mages a bit higher of an overall skill cap. However, ice shower bursting people down doesn’t really apply to that since you lock them in place and blow them up from point blank with really high damage.

you can actually jump out of grav well too tho its alot harder to do when the melee has some aim and catches you in the center of it. it takes 2 jumps then and by the time you get out its almost over anyway. so yea in theory you´re wrong but practically you´re right xd