Mages making fun of melee (including Xaryu)

Oh, Heavy Freeze is definitely OP and needs a CD for sure. However, people in this New World don’t seem to know each class has a role, as if this is their first game. A Mage (FS) is supposed to be a glass cannon and SUPPOSED to hit hard so they can kill the enemy carry quick enough where healer only has couple seconds to react and heal. What does mage bring to a table beside a big burst? If you let a DPS role doing free dps, you deserve to get wiped, similarly if you ignore ADC in Moba while in a group fight, you will get wiped.

Ice Gauntlet tho is indeed pumping out more dps with the heavy freeze and its role is a mage support so I don’t disagree nerfing IG but not to the point it’s unplayable.

However, in this game, it does seem like GA fits all the roles except being a healer obviously. They have big burst DPS (gravity into maelstorm will often wipe a medium/light users), a lot of self heal, more useful perks compared to other weapons, the only melee class that has the most obvious aimbot snapping light/heavy attack + AOE, a lot of cc (pulls/root), can play tank build and still do good support due to insane CCs, one of the weapons that have highest crit dmg multiplier, the only melee weapon that has good passives (pure damage % increase or def increase or self heal or crit), etc. The list goes on.

I agree the IG nerfs were overboard, but I do think some of it is justified.

Regarding GA, I agree that there is too much CC and DMG in one package. However, the problem with nerfing GA now is that a lot of the problems are really not directly a problem with GA. A lot of the issues with GA come down to exploits, bugs, and itemization not issues with the actual GA skill kit. There are so many unintended things that you can do to give yourself an edge with GA that I kind of want to see how it plays with things fixed before nerfing it.

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