Mages remain unanswered

A significant portion of players enjoy playing mage - whether glass cannon or battle mage and currently none of the options are viable (both pve and PvP). Several posts were created complaining about the low damage, very bad skills, low movement, short range among other complaints and feedbacks, but even tagging the @Developer and @Community-Team we didn’t have any response. While posts related to rapier, bow and melee weapons have been replied quickly over the last few days, not even an “automatic” response has been received in mage related posts.

We understand that there are many posts on the forums and many suggestions but the silence and changes that have occurred since the game’s launch have made it difficult to continue playing as a mage.

I’m sure your silence is making new world lose players.

@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox @Aenwyn

I hope one of you could answer some mage related posts. I’m not just talking about this post, I’m talking about posts like these


If you don’t mind adding this topic to your list. It’s a comprehensive list of the bad Firestaff passives along with ideas to change them.

Well I’ve already commented it so I guess you don’t need to edit in but take a look and drop your input!


I have actually counted topics about mages being so underpowered from last 2 weeks. There are 38 topics + few new from last few days. Here u go :slight_smile:


So there are around 50 threads and not a single reply from AGS???




Welcome to the world of 300 con tanks in pvp. Want a snowcone while we wait?

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Deat @Community-Team please ask devs that are making calls in balancing team to play light armor mage vs mele. We want to know if they see this as well balanced as it is now.

And best if they can stream us how they play mage vs mele builds. Would love to see that. Specialy vs ss/hatchet, ss/ga, hatchet/ga, gs/ga, gs/ss, gs/hatchet - this are best to play against now as mage. But feel free to play agaisnt someting easier like spear/rapier.


my friend started playing a few days ago (FSS) and is disappointed because there is no way to play as a caster. He is trying some other weapons but i don’t know if he will keep playing for a long.

I understand your point, but currently I don’t even expect that. I just want mages to look like mages, casters, mobility, ranged damage, long range skills, things like that.

I don’t understand why game balance made 300int blunderbuss (secondary int weapon) do more damage than a 300int fire staff (primary in int weapon), or why melee weapons with 300int and conversion gems (cut pristine ruby, aquamarine etc) deals more damage than 300int primary intelligence weapons.

Also why does ranged and melee weapons have exclusive perks like rogue and vorpal and magic weapons don’t have any exclusives?


  • Backstabs always crit
  • Attacks apply slow to enemies (not actually slow, just makes them walk and rolls shorter)
  • Crit on headshots (javelin and hatchet throw)


  • Crit on headshots


  • Spend mana to basic-attacks
  • Spend mana to cast spells
  • Can’t attack and casts spells if insufficient mana
  • Walking speed every time them casts spells

And why gems provide 6% specific magic resist vs 5% specific physical resist (Cut Pristine Aquamarine vs Cut Pristine Emerald)?


0 ANSWER by AGS @Luxendra

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You missed one of mine, so 39…


link it here!

+10000 honestly, I feel like mages have been useless for the longest time… GS absolutely crushes us with all the staggers this patch & you’re nerfing the only good ability Flamethrower, argueably Fireball is okay, but still not amazing. Plus before this patch healers were unkillable with a mage kit since we had no healing reduction or stun / cc…

How is it a Firestaff is underpowered in damage compaired to a bow, with less mobility, less DoT and less CC… Even the basic attacks from a bow deal more damamge than that of a FS. Even though it’s 3x easier to hit due to the projectile speed.

Make it make sense.


well done

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Still no mod or anything caring about us

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:worried: I still have hope that silence will not be their answer.

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Maybe dex and schizo builds had it coming in PvP, but mages are the collateral damage, and they weren’t in good shape to begin with. Light armor mage has become entirely un-fun in casual open world PVE at this point. No one cares if mobs’ feelings are hurt, right?

Can we start a Tanks and Mages union to improve our bargaining position with AGS?


Just fix the goddamn entomb and give us named ring with intelligent.

We are not cry babies like bruisers bows, its enough for us.


Did not play a lot for two or three month, coming back with my mage for the brimstone wastes.

And the change to the dodge that you can only walk for ages after you are hit, caused some defeats in PvE. Even if you are cautious, you can not always avoid combating several opponents at once and getting now and then hit. Then you want to dodge and run out of the fray, after all we are supposed to be heroes, soulwardens defending humanity at Aeternum. What happens you snail for a short distance, getting of course hit again, you snail further, get hit again, you try to burn out, it takes ages, no grit, you get hit again and again, you are dead. Not because you were shortsighted, are badly skilled, no, but simply because a light armored player is supposed to move more slow and hulky than players with heavy armore ?!?.

Is this how AGS envisions heroes, soulwardens, people being sufficient powerfull to pit themselve against the meanest beings at Aeternum ???

Do we have to clad all ourselve in layers of steel and asmodeum ? Is this the vision of AGS ?

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