Mages remain unanswered

The fact that no one wants fire mage in wars, and many don’t take mages even in high end mutators begs to differ.

This isn’t a skill cap issue.

Many perks/abilities are just straight up dead and useless or inherently bugged and riddled with issues.

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I have complete BIS and 4k+ hours on FS. It isn’t a skill cap issue, the weapon is struggling right now due to changes that were made during the brimstone patch.


Goddamn the FS goes from one of the most oppressive weapons in the game, having and abusing multiple damage bugs (meteor shower stacking + burnout perk damage stacking on flamethrower) to not being ‘top tier I can one shot any idiot I see’ and the number of posts complaining skyrockets. People dont like having to actually be good (ie combo+hit their abilities) to get kills…

Before the flamethrower BS meta came about and all these noobs picked up FS you could still pop people but actually had to hit combos to finish them. FS/IG would still top nearly every war but it was because they were really good at the game. Not because it was busted. Which is why you used to see 2-3 FS per war then it spiked to 10-15 FS per war.

They needed to fix the bugs to see where FS is ‘weak’ but now all the noobs have some disgustingly skewed understanding of what a ranged DPS should be able to do and are going to complain because there is a skill requirement to use it effectively.

There are more bugs in IG than FS. FS is in very weak point, don`t need to fix bugs to see it.
IG have more bugs but even with bugs IG is in better spot than FS without it.
Just to say that as FS/IG, most dmg is going from IG but only FS is pure dmg weapon.

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Sword and shield + spear + hammer or blunderbuss/greatsword are really the only weapons that can combo. There is no viable combo that a FS/IG can reliably pull off.

Everything else is ability spam. If you think great axe / warhammer or any combo of said weapons like greatsword or even spear sometimes are high skill cap you need to go play an actual fighting game. If you think spamming big AoE’s for big damage is actual skill based gameplay.

I hate that this game went down the road of big damaging AoE’s for melee players because it gives them such an inflated sense of self of being good at this game when in reality STR 300 melee players have been playing the most busted class in this game for most forms of content since launch and enjoy the privilege of the fact that it is what the combat dev who is in charge of balance plays and the very fact that he admits to never trying mages in a dev video and says he will try mage in fresh start.

An ice mage hitting the perfect ice spike consistently is literally the hardest thing to do in this game, maybe the only other thing harder is consistently clicking heads with the bow. Any melee class who thinks their skill cap is “high” is really deluding themselves.

Yes Firestaff is easy and is also a crutch weapons but this thread is not entirely about fire mages. Yes fire mage is generally a very easy magic class to play but if it is going to have only damage and none of the utility afforded other classes then there needs to be something that makes it viable.

New World has some of the more simpler forms of combat in an MMORPG, sure there is some depth but in reality most melee is afforded homing + large damage AoE stuns that become exponentially worse the more are added into the pot.

This is simply not true. FS/IG sure while being affected by the bugs would always top damage in wars because it’s simply stat pad damage, and fire can still continue to hit top of the leaderboard in damage.

Look at other ranged weapons

Bow - instant cast escapes plus much smoother/faster AoE rain of arrows compared to meteor shower that does far more burst damage.

Blunderbuss - sure a mid range weapon but again net shot is instant and splitting grenade does far more AoE.

Both of the above provide utility that firestaff sorely lacks.

Musket - very high single target damage and the strongest single burn application/slow in the game with powder burn. - Literally eats glass cannon mages for breakfast and destroys almost any other class in the game if played well.

This is the issue with the meta. VG/IG has become the “support” class and everything a ranged DPS can do with fire a BB/IG or musket or VG/BB or bow/rapier or bow/hatchet just does better in every single way than the fire staff. Hell even another bruiser is more utility and a better pick that actually slotting a firestaff / ice gauntlet in your roster.

Let’s also talk about Ice damage - Ice spike is consistently still bugged and one of the hardest hitting skill shots in the game to land. But you know what, lets give this great axe the ability to eat the ice spikes with maelstrom and AoE gravity well and maelstrom like 5-10 people at once. Yea balance is fine here.

You know what actually, let’s give blunderbuss the same thing, call it azoth shrapnel blast and just make it easier to land with very similar cool down reduction perks but also lets give to the strength boys don’t want them to feel left out.

If I could guarantee hit my spike combo every time because meteor shower was an AoE stun. Sure you can make the argument it’s a skill cap issue.

When we have an ability like meteor shower and archers get rain of arrows you need to ask yourself who actually implements these abilities in the game.

You have things like baleful tether on Void gauntlet - a complete waste of an ability along with void blade being the most desync ridden issue weapon on the known bugged weapons list for like 9 months at this point. But you know what here is another greatsword enjoy.

It’s a deeper issue than FS was broken.

In a 3 ability game you can’t have dead abilities on any of the weapons. Coupled with the fact that fire across the board has clearly lower DPS, lower DPS windows, and needs to be putting themselves constantly in the danger zone to be effective.

Healthy balance would be changing meteor shower to just METEOR - one long 3 second channel that drops a fat fucking bomb on the enemy.

Changing pillar of fire to be like a flame breath or something useful that does a slow or a stun.

  • Low damage but utility

Change burnout to maybe give grit or have a slightly faster windup. Or go a shorter distance but provide haste and be instant like evade shot.

There are many fixes to make it feel viable and have a purpose in the meta

No, just remove the casting time. The spell will linger on the area for X seconds but it’s an instant cast. Fixed

Again, why everyone has this mentality that range should have mobility, damage and cc? Go play single player games if you want to feel like a GOD.

Instead of stunning the target, POF could have a bigger aoe and a perk that will give it a second cast automatically in the same area after 2 sec

Same as above, let’s give every escape ability on raged weapons grit so range people can eat melee.

At least flesche is used on a melee weapon, imagine a mage that can use burnout every 10 - 15 sec and there’s nothing you can do about it because it has grit…

If you want to buff it, give it stagger on hit

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Grit to burnout skill is actually mandatory change. This must happen. It wont change anything but just right escape utility for mage. Now FS dont have any escape possibility from melee. IT MUST HAPPEN.


They could remove mana regen from the perk “efficient burntout” and replace it with grit.

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Bump because I can

Grit won’t help all that much, the animation is just way too slow. Would rather have a fleche-like animation over grit.

True but better grit than nothing. In some cases it should help.

@Luxendra this topic wont die. We are expecting infomraiotn from dev team. How it can be that they are so bad in their job? Ballance team seems like blind dudes trying to go other side of the road in NYC.

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hehe they already answered:

So better just change class or find better game.

fix named int gear, they’re all so bad compared to other gear

remove self slow on mage attacks

get rid of dogshit mana passives

or not, because devs dont play mage, right?

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And you should delete account instead of giving stupid advices.


AGS this is one of the most viewed threads on the forum currently and you STILL won’t even respond with your usual “thanks for the feedback, we’ll pass this along to the devs”

Very disappointing.

Make burnout a viable escape tool, Mage’s should not have the worst mobility in the game. The fact the devs gave their precious Great Axe grit through it’s entire animation and instant activation while Mage’s have to wind their skill up for 2 seconds then have no grit so PoD can stagger them out of it is a joke.

Ice Spike is STILL being consumed by Maelstrom despite 100% NOT being a projectile. Please fix.

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I do want to confirm we’re looking at all the feedback provided by the threads here and more around mages. While I do not currently have any additional information to provide at this time, I want to make you aware it’s being discussed!


@Aenwyn I think the entire mage community (lots and lots and lots of people) look forward to hearing more about those discussions in the near future. Thanks for the post :star_struck:


I hope it’s not being discussed by melee lovers