Magic vs Melee Balance

How is this balanced? After the most recent magic nerfs and melee buffs I am about to scrap magic builds altogether for the melee meta warhammer/battleaxe.

Melee -

  • 300 strength grit light and heavy attacks
  • Cleave on almost all weapons
  • Free light and heavy attacks
  • Difficult to interrupt abilities
  • Strong base damage
  • Easy aiming


  • No grit on light or heavy attacks
  • No cleave on light or heavy attacks
  • Mana cost for light and heavy attacks (free mana passive for fire staff or life staff)
  • Easily interrupted abilities
  • Weak base damage
  • Sniper type aiming

Feeling very discouraged from playing any kind of magic build until things improve :frowning:

~Welcome to Axe World~


sadly true.

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I bet you lead devs play GA/WH.


They have openly admitted they do.


Great compilation of what New World is today.

Sadly, as we can see in the patch 1.1, they don’t care. I was initially a mage on this game, but now I was forced to play as a healer for a minimum sustain (minimum after nerf) to survive agains buffed monters. What’s next? I’ll probably move away.

Anyway, I would love to play with dual wield, but not sure if there will have :dagger:, :axe: or :crossed_swords: to play dual

What is your perspective about DEX weapons?


WOW… well now we know why its Axe world…

any dev to say something about it? @Luxendra

should we give up and leave nw alone?

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guess leave, they wont nerf their main weapons…

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I feel Dex builds are in a slightly better place than magic weapons but still need some love. Its interesting how all the primary dex weapons do thrust and only the 2 secondary dex weapons (hatchet/sword) do a different damage type. I tried to make a dex build but when I realized your stuck into 1 damage type unless you take an inferior secondary weapon that primaries off of strength and only secondary dex I passed. There isnt enough variety in weapon choice for dex, focus and int builds but the devs only care about melee/strength. That much is clear as they added a new magic weapon that is melee -_- just getting so demotivated to play anymore. Stuck with furnishings in my inventory or putting them in a house even though i dont want them, quests are disabled, mobs are disable from being skinable, the lag and weapon swap issues is horrible. Can barely ever signup for things on the warboard cause they dont work half the time. I feel the VG should have been strength/focus if they wanted it to be support and melee. We need more primary/secondary options for dex and int but especially focus. Its sad the devs dont actually play all aspects and just play meta. Also what they said about listening to chat to stay current with the community is such a load a garbage. Maybe they should play all aspects of the game and actually read our posts on the forums? Maybe thats asking too much??

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First, thank you for saying on almost all weapons for Melee.

I was thinking about Spear and Rapier, and these do not exactly have cleave. There are certain abilities when used can hit additional targets, but they have to be fairly stacked close. Hatchet and Sword do not seem to have a significant cleave capabilities either from what I have experienced when using them.

So I would just say GreatAxe and War Hammer would likely be more specific of what you are trying to infer here.

I would say the hardest ranged weapon is not magic, its the bow. I would say Musket is easier to aim but has really slow reload that make it less viable for the bouncy melee folks (unless the melee are caught unaware of the musket sniper).

I think overall, its a bunch of things your throwing together but its not entirely accurate in general, more in a specifics of GreatAxe/WH vs Magic Weapons.

I think Abilities tied to stats was a bad idea, same for gathering bonus tied to stats. Personally, I would rather they scrap stats and their associative abilities altogether. I also wish they would just scrap the whole light-medium-heavy and go with a universal armor type.

There are many things I feel they could do differently and it result in a better outcome. One thing I noticed is melee actually get somewhat of an auto aim, as certain abilities turn your character to face target.

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Yeah, aiming with strength weapons is easy! Dex weapons entirely another story. The cleave is so narrow if at all. Gauntlets are the absolute worst thing to aim in the entire game. Just my opinion tho for how much that matters…I honestly enjoy all the strength scaling weapons. They are all easy to use, aim, great abilities. Dex ones I kinda like but its more the abilities than the actual light or heavies that I enjoy.

Are we just going to leave out that Magic can DPS from range. That one crucial small detail is really important

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Yeah, this is so important to dps 0.25 sec before GA/WH monkey jump on you and stun.


So thats one scenario assuming you have a build that has no mobility and can’t evade.

How about when theres a team fight on a point and you can stay at a distance dealing massive damage to players not even paying attention to you

You do realize most of FS/IGs abilities are used at a fairly close range. It’s about the same distance as the GAs charge range.

So yeah I’m glad I get to do about 60% of damage GA players can do at a range they can still easily get to. /s


have u been a caster in any opr ever? you cant do anything against the axe horde once they charge in on you.


u dont know anything dude… the mage defense it’s paper, the range it’s shit, and the damage it’s shit.


TF ? Guys. I have a feeling like every guy crying on the forum about mage nerf is the one who:
a) doesnt play a mage at all
b) just fkng sucks in pvp and all.

I am pretty good pvp player. I am not the best, but I can beat few guys when I go open world. But yesterday on PTR I have met that guy, mage, fire and ice.

And trust me when I say, that it was madness. He was hitting almost all hits, great movement, great using abilities in great timing. Just perfect warrior.
And he beats my ass to the ground 5 times in a row.

So summing up, now mage are good only for skilled players. You still can make high dmg and You got great mobility etc.
You just mad, cause mage isn’t making so much dmg any more so now we can clearly see which of You guys just sucks in pvp, and now cry about it.

Good skilled mage can easy kill those build You are complaning about.

Edit: Bow&Rapier here just FYI

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This is why nothing will ever balance.

A game with PvE + PvP mixed (different strengths and weaknesses that are not compatible), where a PVP fight can be either dueling, or grouping, or big zergs, and all the builds work differently depending on the situation.

Saw similar fails in Warhammer Online in the first year or so with balance, and because the game is “everything” one change will then just effect another type of fight and cause another issue.

They can never get it right as all the above can’t exist together without some new systems to allow division between the different types of PVE (solo, openworld, dungeons) and PVP (small scale to large scale).

And what is this chap like with all other weapon builds? Would he beat himself? So “mage” is fine because the best player possible is really good, but ok for other weapons to have similar results by being sub-par. Maybe those he was fighting were terrible?

I think balance is needed when it comes to whether people are succeeding or not, but I don’t think your take helps either. As soon as you start using words like “crying” you lose credibility.

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