Magic vs Melee Balance

EDIT: Very nice that You have totally ignored the part of my post, when I said that this game, isn’t, and won’t be designed to be equal. Like I said, the build and weapons is one thing, but how You can use it, and if You use its 100% potential, it is totally different part.

I spend over 500 hours into this game so far, and my main content is pvp.

Maybe You guys just aren’t good enough?

It is hard to say that game isn’t balanced enough when I see the same builds, one time they are complaning about being weak, but another time I see the same build just massacrating the opponents.

So I guess we should start to consider that some people are just better pvpers than others, even if it is a new game.

I know game isn’t perfect, but instead of complaining all the time (except bloodlust, that was OP and unfair, still kinda is) maybe it is better to practise Your skills ?

I don’t believe I said they should be equal either nor berated you for saying as such. I know it cannot be “equal” because who has ever balanced anything perfectly anyway and there are too many different situations pvp might develop in the game world and so in different scenarios different skills/builds/weapons will shine.

Because not everyone is coming from the same perspective on this.

Doesn’t personally bother me until it effects what I do in this game, if I want to actually PvP I’ll log into another game, not this one. I think what you have said helps bring the debate more sides but the “you get gud” type language does not do you justice.

As to the above statements about the mage guy dominating another…… there will always be elite players … be it a high skilled player… a try hard… a streamer … etc…… that does not play into the balance of a weapon or an under preforming weapon like the mage weapons …. As an average casual player…. I will with a definitive statement for me, from my perspective , the fire staff and ice gauntlet took that infamous nerf bat hard and for no other reason than melee people complaining …. So now coin is flipped with the two consistent weapons hammer and great axe being dominant ….to the point of ridiculous…

As to the argument but you shoot from a safe distance…… is a funny statement… with lag and hit detection good luck with hitting skill shots that tickle compared to melee weapons …… I am sorry

Lastly the game should be balanced off of the curve, thus the average players in middle, elite, try hard hard core streamers etc… at one end and I the casual spare time two jobs working parents who love games but struggle at the other ( statements are sarcastic in nature ) . So judging the fire staff / ice gauntlet off that one guy is a difficult example
For me. I went back to the fire staff for the first time since the nerf … been leveling strength weapons …and finished our shattered mountain chest run… frustrated , disheartening and disappointed at the dmg output… and that was pve… the two times we got dove was a comic show… stun lock and burned in seconds … my two abilities that I got off on my fire staff did less dmg than the hammer and greatbaxe basic attacks …

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