Magic vs Stam resource expenditures

After playing both Magic and Stamina I found some discrepancies and imbalances in the play styles from a competitive position. Both resources should be finite and require a mini game to maintain. You should have to think about the skill or mobility skill you are using and when to use it. Too often you will stamina players dodge roll consecutively then perform three or more skills without punishment then turn and run and be restored to full stamina. Conversely, magic is required to use their magic to perform basic attacks on top of performing skills with magic cost.

My solution to this is:

  • Raise the base Regeneration rate for magic
  • Reduce stamina Regeneration rate to match magic
  • Reduce the cost of Dodge roll
    • Heavy armor dodges should be more expensive as it it harder to move in
    • Medium armor a base established amount to work heavy and light from
    • Light armor should be the cheapest as you are wearing cloth
  • Increase the amount you can block before your stamina is depleted
  • Sneak should also require stamina and follow the same formula as dodge rolling
  • Sprinting if ever implemented (even though is mentioned in game when hovering over the stamina bar) should also follow the same formula
  • Crawling should also follow this formula but be more expensive than sneaking
  • Light attacks and heavy attacks for all weapons (aside from musket and bow which require ammo that is their resource in this instance) should be free of resource cost to perform
  • Heavy attacks (only when they connect to a non blocking player will restore a small amount of the resource associated to the weapon. If a heavy attack is blocked you restore zero resources and must try again. Block will be the counter play to the resource gain.)

To facilitate managing the resources:

  • Add a new potion to replenish stamina (the counterpart to the magic potion)
  • Add food to boost Regeneration rates for the three stats.

With this you can add a new category and economy for these items. Some examples would be:

  • A food that increases the Regeneration of magic/stamina by x points and max health by 500 for 30 minutes
  • Or a food that increases all stats regen by x points but does not increase total amount
  • Add food that increase total resource pools for example a food that increases health by 500 stamina/magic by 150 points but does not increase Regen rate (foods that increase max resource pools should also increase damage output, the more of a stat you have the more damage your abilities do but at the cost of not being able to Regenerate quickly. This will require you to drink potions on cool down and take regeneration passives on weapons and hope your healer has selected Regeneration passives for group members)
  • Or a food that effects the resource pool of magic or stamina but NOT HEALTH like increase max magic by 150 and Regen by x points. However the max pool increase is not higher that the food that ONLY provides max stamina or magic, same goes for the regen. (this would provide the damage increase along with a regeneration amount but not increase health, making for a high damage low health opponent)

All of the food should stack with attribute food and attribute regeneration passives removed to prevent double dipping.

One thing to consider when feeding your character should be what you want to do with your build if you.

Want to be very elusive and roll a lot? You will want the Regen

Do you want to do as much damage as possible with the base Regen? go with max stat food. Do you want to be a dodge rolling machine? Go with Regen food

So for example of max stat food:
My base magic is increased to a pool of 300, I hit harder with all abilities. When I run low I drink a potion and perform heavy attacks to replenish.

Example of Regen food:
Same as above to replenish however my abilities do base damage, but will be able to perform more of them before hitting zero.

The inclusion of max health on the food and even a food that only increases max health would be for those wishing to be tanky or solo players going for harder hitting enemies.

This change/addition would also make magic and stamina Regen passives to be utilized and prioritized in order to perform functions in game.

Additionally, the implementation of perks on armor and jewelry that increase resource regeneration can be added to further the build and resource management possibilities.

Understood stamina players will have to use stamina to roll block and dodge but that should be the game within the game they have to master to remain competitive by adding regeneration foods and potions for stamina this will equip them with the tools to do so. Conversely, their magic counterparts would not have the additional regen in stamina as they will be utilizing the food that boost their primary damage type. So magic players have to wait for base stamina regen or use potions in order to continue dodging. Stamina would not be at a loss here.

Micromanagement of resources should be something all players regardless of level or play style must take into consideration. This will provide more balance between magic and stamina as well as provide more diversity in play styles and build possibilities. Consideration should be taken as to how the regeneration is calculated to prevent exploitation.

Terrible suggestions….

Honestly if you have mana issues, you must not have been playing the same game as me because mana is basically irrelevant in New World. Only LS can run into mana issues, and they introduced VG that gives infinite mana.

The Magic mini game is fine, I have no issue with that. My position is that Great Axe, War Hammer, Hatchet, Sword and Board, Spear, Bow, Rapier, War Hammer and Musket players do not have the same mini game applied. They do not have to manage a resource pool in order to perform abilities. My examples are simply to show how the implementation of stamina as a weapons resource pool and mobility could be balanced with foods along with potions.

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