Magic Weapon changes

So, to start things off a small background I have been playing RPG’s since the 80’s started with Finial Fantasy and Dragon Quest (Now known as Dragon Warrior). I always play a mage class if a necromancer is involved that’s my go to.

So this brings me into the topic of weapon changes for the magic based user. So there is a healing staff, fire staff and an ice gauntlet.


  1. Create an Arcana system in which it doesn’t matter if it is a staff or gauntlet you can imbue it with any magic element hence creating a healing gauntlet like the on from the Alpha or bring back healing gauntlet
  2. add more options for magic like we have fire and ice what happened to the other elements like lightning.

I would love to see a variation of magical weapons in the game and not forced to use a staff when a fire gauntlet would look and feel very immersive to playing a BattleMage or a Spellsword

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