Mailing System - 2 ideas

I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen more talk about a mailing system. Since there is currently not company storage, we can’t send/trade items with offline players. Here’s 2 ideas I have:
1. Add a currier pigeon quest/unlock. Perhaps something like this:
-Person A needs to deliver a letter or something to Person B but can’t spend the time to deliver it. We take on the quest.
-Person B, upon delivering said item, comments that “You traveled all that way to give me this? There has to be an easier way. A friend of mine spoke of training birds to deliver messages. Why not talk to him?” You then get quest to talk to nearby Person C.
-Person C has a small coop or cage and has been training homing pigeons. He asks you to test the idea by catching a bird and bringing it to him. He then gives you one of his birds as a reward.
-Congrats. You now have a Currier Pigeon that can carry a message (with a max carry weight) to drop off at someones house or inn. Reasonably, a bird could carry small stuff like herbs or fiber but not an axe. So some sort of stipulation would apply.
or Idea
2. Postal service. Have a mail currier at the taverns or Inns so that we can leave items with them for our friends to pick up. If you don’t want to add a new NPC, just add the ability to the tavern keepers. This way it wouldn’t cost taxes and we can still offer items to offline players.


Having played a couple of MMORPG’s now without mailing systems, I actually don’t miss them because they are just something that ends up full of gold-seller trash and system messages.

I’d rather see a small company storage implemented over a mail system. It would probably also take less resources to implement in-game, but your ideas are novel and interesting takes on how to do a mail system

No, seriously no thanks to mail systems.

I really like the idea of holding it at an inn. This could be considered very much in the same way as town storage (being that it should be a lot more limited). You can only tag a friend or someone in your company. When that individual arrives, it could simply be a notification on their end that says there’s something waiting at the inn for them. Perhaps to also help with resources, the inn keeper could only allow to hold it for X amount of time. After that, they get destroyed.

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