Main healers, you still exist?

Hello hello, returner here, are main healers still a thing or you just respec for every dungeon? I feel like we ve been nerfed to an unplayable state and i am not even talking about pvp, solo pve is 100% suffering.

Why would anyone play healer these days? Is there an answer? Why am i asking all these questions?


If you look at the forums, people complain nearly every day that healers are OP.

The life staff is one of the most common weapons used.


game been build on trinity system, if you switch out, someone will probably switch in. thats aside, they do few nerf healer once in awhile. hopefully you dont go heavy healer as its almost 2 times worser in healing than light. if you concearn about damage, use void gauntlet/voidblade for solo pve clear

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Yeah i just cant see it.
There are 2 complaints about healers being op and both are pvp related and dating july, the others are from january…

The most posts are about healers quitting because of the back to back nerfs, november and may seems to be the most complaints from healers.

I wont pretend i understand what is happening with the weapon balance anymore, its a mess as always but even a toddler could see that melee are still overpowered kings and everything else feels like pain to play at least in pve.


I cant imagine someone switching to healer, you literally lose quality of life by doing it.

I was playing medium healer, void gaunlet even with the void blade is still weaker than the life staff, it just gives an aoe option that before was not even there, literally getting a hatchet which doesnt even scale with focus has the same dmg as the voidblade but with better perks… Am i missing something?

Healing in PvE is overkill. I don’t think many people struggle with m10s after getting the appropriate gear.

Here are some of the threads that have been posted in the last month. There are dozens more. Just type “life staff” or “healer” in the search bar and pick the date and select “after”:

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All these are about pvp, healers suffer in pve because of pvp complaints?

Healing in PvE is overkill after getting the appropriate gear, “after getting the appropriate gear” is the key here, if i have to play 1000 hours to reach 550-600 GS before i can solo pve what the hell is the point and how am i even supposed to do that in the first place?
I bet my last dime that even max gear healers struggle solo with max level non elites. Its impossible or takes 10 times more than any melee weapon, even “mages” are struggling against mobs. The difference between melee and every other weapon in pve is ridiculous, its like they designed all melee weapons for pve and every other weapon for the discounted pvp the game has.
To sum it up, healers cant pve solo and where are the main healers? Do you even heal or you just diss out these opinions based on the bad experiences agains healers you have accumulated in the arenas you pvped in? Have you ever tried leveling as a healer?


not trying to discredit her achievement, it was impressive but for 150 focus to work, almost all 3/3 bis pve gear - required voice chat knowing all the exact move of the enemy and need dust/balm and that . that experience allow even non sword and shield to be a tank like spear/rapier dude

most my gear i have con, so when solo pve i just wear a stretgh hatchet and replace all con gear to atleast achieve 200 strength along with event 33+ streght food buff, you lose grit but it doesnt matter since berserk is better than grit anyway. atleast thats how i cope with solo pve

When I said “appropriate gear,” I just meant warded armor. It costs maybe around 15k to buy a full set of warded focus/con light armor. And that’s just to do max level dungeons. You don’t even need it for earlier levels.

If you want to solo pve, do not put all your points into focus. Maybe just 150 points so you can get the 20% healing bonus. Then use whatever weapon you want, especially if it has self healing on damage. The void gauntlet or rapier with leeching allow you to solo packs of level 60 elites easily.

Realistically, you can have 5 points in focus and still use the life staff with any weapon as long as it has a life stealing ability. Just use orb of protection for 10% fortify, a life staff with fortifying sacred ground for another 16% fortify and 50% extra healing while standing in the sacred ground. You’ll be basically unkillable for open world pve. There are videos of people soloing thorp with the life staff and warhammer.

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How do you figure?

(Void Gauntlet and Amber gems work better than people pretend).

Jesus, you literally have a second set just to play solo so you essentially becoming melee to pvp, you no longer a healer, are you satisfied with the state of the healer?

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i dont, unfortunately thats how i cope. pvper while they not a majority, they would like to pretend they are and really the loudest. just read all their post and just laught then move on without arguing because thats like arguing with a wall. theres even a post just outright asking for the class to be deleted. dont really like to rant tho

I never expected to see someone claiming healers are underpowered


its more of feeling chores and slog for solo pve


Thats not playing healer anymore, thats mental gymnastics around a broken weapon system.

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You cannot do damage like a pure dps build and heal at the same time. It would be tremendously unbalanced. You have to pick one or the other or do a hybrid of sorts, which I explained to do with 150 focus.

I figure because i am playing one and i ve played melee in the past.
(If you shove an Amber gem in a void gauntlet as a healer you will achieve absolutely nothing because your higher stat will be focus(healer) so it will scale out of that anyway)

I am just asking for a way to pve without hating my life every second, i am not asking for a way to destroy everything oneshot.

Do we agree that the system is broken af?

Those are two separate things you can do.

Void Gauntlets do plenty of damage on their own with healing-oriented builds, and amber gems convert any weapon into perfectly acceptable damage.

I’m routinely seeing Life Staves hit me for 2.5k+ in my full PvP set. How much damage do you think you should be doing per hit?