Main music and title screen music no longer working

Starting this evening (first time playing since update) I no longer have any music playing at the title screen or in game. All other sounds seem to be working, and the volume is turned up to maximum on all options in the audio tab.

I have tried checking file integrity, relaunching steam, relaunching the game, rebooting my computer. Updated my realtek drivers, and did a windows update that I’ve been putting off to boot. Also uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it is still happening.

Same scenario for both characters that I play.


Hey @skylan how’s it going, hope you’re doing great and very happy to welcome you to the forums!

I sincerely apologize it’s during this frustrating situation with the music no longer working on your main menu. As of now you’re not able to hear any music during your game play and on the menu, is that correct?

Please let me know what you’ve attempted so I can check how to proceed, if you haven’t, try verifying steam files integrity and restarting the game:

As well have you check on the sound settings to see if everything’s well set?

Please let me know if the issue is still persisting, will be waiting for your response and wish you a nice day!

Hello Legumi,

Correct the music at the title screen and in game are not playing.

I have done the following:

  1. Verified the integrity of steam files
  2. Restarted steam
  3. Restarted the game
  4. Uninstalled the game
  5. Reinstalled the game
  6. Updated realtek audio drivers
  7. Restarted desktop

All sound settings are enabled. I also tried resetting to default audio.

Nothing works and I still have the issue.


Patch 1.72 Soundbug - Bug Reports / Fehler melden & Lokalisierung - New World Forums

This is what I’ve come across recently. I have updated every driver and windows version known to man and tried using wireless / wired headphones for sound. Nothing works.

The incomplete audio is really ruining the game , is there nothing I that can be done?

If it helps further. It seems every NPC voice over works except for Grace O’Malley the pirate girl in the main story line.

Hey @skylan how’s it going, hope well!

I really appreciate the time and effort taken in order to let me know what you already attempted and I see unfortunately you’re still experiencing this issue with the sound, really sorry about that.

I’ll go ahead and check for further steps! Wish you a nice day!

Any luck with those further steps? I’d love to have music again,.

Hello, i just write here to bump this post cause i have the same issue since last patch. No cool music on main menu.

This shouldn’t take long to fix, but I am experiencing the same thing.

same issue

Just bumping because there’s been no follow-up. Not even a “our team is aware of the issue and working on it”.

This is a little disappointing. I’ve submitted a live chat ticket, one by email, and a post here and each response is “i’ll get back to you” followed by crickets. Is this how all issues are addressed?

Hey @skylan hope you’re having a nice time, the same goes for all of you folks!

I understand and can see with my own eyes that a couple more of you are experiencing this situation as well, I deeply apologize to all for this situation. Unfortunately I haven’t received any update yet.

Could you folks clarify if this is happening exactly the same as OP, no music on tittle screen nor in game, but only happening with specifically the music?

I definitely appreciate your time and effort into letting us know about this situation and I do apologize for the delay, hope to be back soon to see your experiences and with an update. Wish you all a nice day!


  • Music doesn’t play on Open screen and on select world/character menu.
  • The short Amazon games music intro is playing, no problem with that.

Souns and music in games are running smooth and well. all’s good here.

Hey @Yojimbe I do appreciate your time to post the information requested and once again, I’m deeply sorry for this situation, You can all head to the link below so our folks over the website can request and gather the proper information from you to improve this situation:

Hey @FilthyFrancis welcome to the forums! I’ll be on the lookout for any quick resolution or workaround for this issue!

Hope it’s helpful!

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