Main Quest blocked

I used the iron from the Forge Ahead quest to build an axe accidently so I reset the mission but now I cant complete the missing because I can’t get the ore from the Heavy Satchel. How to skip this quest and continue the main story?

If I recall, that quest is just to teach you how to craft. You may have to gather iron from the world in order to craft the necessary item.

Go mine iron and complete it that way.

Thanks for the reply I did get the sword made but the quest is waiting for me to open the satchel.

I don’t have the solution to that problem unfortunately. Have you tried talking to the person who gave the satchel to you? They may have another one. If they don’t, you are early enough into the game that you may want to recreate your character instead of waiting for an official solution.

I am having this error too

At this point in the game, your best course of action is to make a report, then reroll your character.

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