Main quest bugged

I found out today that my main quest is done, but i do not have the Azoth staff, which my company is saying i should have if i completed the main quest. but when i look at the map i cant find any locations for the main quest. And in my journal it says ( 0 main quest) as in im done with it. but i have not gotten the Azoth staff, please help

What was the last quest you did?

I dont remember the mission but remember it was at the Fisher man, and i have something called runed haft which i assumeis a part of the azoth staff

Ok so I don’t believe you have finished the main quest. The quest at the top of Everfall, what quest is that?

Mission is called Adianas fountain

Yeah do that one. It’s the main quest. You gotta collect 3 parts for the staff.

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Ok thank you so much

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I am stuck at the hermit part I can go to him but he will not even talk to me and I am already lvl 15 and have done a lot of settlement quests

Stuck at the hermit part isn’t helpful as the hermit part happens at least 7 times? What part of the quest you on? Just met him?

Rumors About a Hermit I just figured out my issue I was doing all my settlement quests in windsward not monarchs bluff I guess

Yeah I think you have to do it for the town you started in.