Main Quest line bugged [Chain of Command]

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I’ve noticed my main quest line is bugged. The [Chain of Command] quest is the one I’m referring to where I’m supposed to go to Ballard Manor and kill General Carvalho. Problem is I do this and the quest marks as completed (in Green) but then the quest giver (Emile d’Aquitane) is nowhere to be found on the map.

I’ve tried resetting / restarting the quest a couple of times, logging in and out etc. but no joy. A search of the internet suggested the NPC was to be found in the Tavern in Restless shore and when I go there - no sign of him.

Basically my main quest line is now bugged and I cannot advance it. Can you please advise how to correct this? Thank you.

Hi Coyote, Did you try verifying the game files on steam to see if that helps Emile d’Aquitane reappear?

I’m having this issue as well (stuck on exact same part). I tried the fix the mod suggested with no luck: still can’t see the quest!

Yes I validated all the game files - no issues. Tried logging out/in again afterwards etc. but no difference.
Perhaps could you clarify where Emile d’Aquitane is supposed to be on the map for this stage of the quest I can go there physically and see if he is there but just not showing up on the map?

OK I’ve solved this at last.

The NPC is not showing on any map but he is there. I backtracked to where I thought the quest was given and did some internet searching until I found the NPC camped outside Brightwood city on a hill opposite one of the entrances. When I approached the location he appeared with the green symbol above him and I was able to hand in the quest and advance to the next one.

Very frustrating but hopefully this fix will help others out.

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See my other reply in this thread. Found a way to fix it.

In fact I’ve discovered the same bug persists throughout the questline after this point. So big tip: When you’re given a quest by an NPC make sure you note his location on the map because at some point you will be asked to go back to him before the next big branch in the quest line, but he / she will not show up on the map at all so you will need to be physically close enough to see them before their green symbol will show up in your user interface…but at no stage will they show on the map.

Thanks for the update on this!

Thanks for digging in on this! Very helpful!

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