Main quest line (SPOILER)

Finally “spoiler” can be used for New world

Here is a link for a new Main quest line for those who are not able to play PTR.

Please keep in mind that this video contain SPOILERS.

NEW! Main quest line chapter 1.We all Immortals now - YouTube chapter 1

NEW! Main quest line chapter 2:Monarch Bluff and The True King - YouTube chapter 2

NEW! Main quest line chapter 3: Secret of True King - YouTube chapter 3

NEW! Main quest line chapter 4: Final battle - YouTube chapter 4

NEW! Main quest line chater 5: Everfall renamed to Oxboro? - YouTube chapter 5 (final one)

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Added chapter 4 and 5. All main quest has been covered (ptr1)

2.Renamed title and discription from Monarch Bluff quest line to Main quest line.

3.Updated cover and title.

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