Main quest missions

it is the worst fedex chain quests i had to do out of any mmorpg main quests i ever played.

running back and forth to talk to people, kill 5 mobs and come all the way bak to go back there again to kill another few other mobs…

the second worst experience i had in new world. first one being waiting queues for more hours than my actual play time.

a main quests, apart from interesting story and eventually text choice that matter, needs to push players into exploring the world instead of repeated back and forth in a few areas. if there is a specific content in the game (aka main quest) that you are forced to do to progress it better be a smooth experience. not a painfull one.

for future main quests regarding future update:
-make speach with npc with multiple choice that may lead to different results.
-less fetching, less back and forth. more “go to an area and do everything that is needed to not having to come back there again because of the main quest”.
-new and unique activities that you can’t do with normal quests. (so something different than simple monster grind, fetching and message delivering).
-specific instancied maps for the story to be more immersive. (like instancied dungeon but for the main quest with unique encounters and event like you would see in solo games.)

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