Main Story Line forces you to form a group

What really mystifies me is how so many people were practically seizing with joy over the return of a game that pretty much crushes the player’s spirit with time-wasting, low-reward activities at every turn and raids that couldn’t even be completed by a lot of guilds. Every person I’ve talked to about it said “Yeah, that’s exactly why I’m excited! And there’s so much nostalgia!”

In all of the games I’m nostalgic for, I don’t wistfully long for the tedious parts. When I go back and play something like Morrowind, I mod QoL improvements into it, because while I love the game, I don’t have any fond memories of having to open the plants like containers and transfer the ingredients by hand every time.

There are a lot of things in New World that really feel like Amazon is trying to make a modern game that follows tenets from the days of Everquest and WoW Classic.

I think this is a mistake. Though I don’t understand the nostalgia for WoW Classic myself, it does keep people hooked. But nobody has nostalgia for New World, and nobody will have nostalgia for it for at least a couple more years.

Unless I have grossly underestimated just how badly the hardcore gamers want to have their time wasted, I really don’t see the ‘old ways’ keeping very many people hooked for long in a brand new IP.

The grind for some stuff was indeed a pain and Blizzard tried it’s best to make it worse with overpopulated server which forced ppl to farm inside dungeons.

But what ppl really were excited about was the feeling of immersion, you traveled a huge world (especially at those times), had to refine your play style with spells and skills that were not only combat focused and leveling was part of the game. Also 40 men raids really looked epic and there was a consistent story, drops were valuable even after the next raid tier got released, etc.

That’s why I don’t want this game to turn into a queue party for dungeons and raids.

So what?

You’re not the only person playing NW.

Everyone is different, the majority of people don’t have more free time.

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AGS really seemed to just cobble together NWs game systems, without thinking about the actual people who will be playing their game.

You can tell dungeons were something recently added into the game, as they’re copy pasted have no mechanics, no storyline surrounding them, they’re just a waste of time.

I stopped playing the game for this exact reason.

To be honest, I totally agree. I simply don’t have the time to wait for a group to form and then - hopefully - to be in it. I enjoy the game for the exploration, crafting and - to some extent - the questing.
As the OP said, I don’t have any problems with going in a dungeon with other people - on the contrary, I enjoy it. But this blocks me from getting further in the game.
And please, leave out the ‘casual’-fluff out of it. I still play a game for my enjoyment or call it an escape from daily life … whatever.
I’m a 60-yr old coot who simply enjoys the exploration, would like to do a dungeon/expedition or two but does not like to be gated behind, well … well said above.


Hey Everyone, just wanted to weigh in on this thread as we hear the concerns from many players and this has also been a source of some intense debates internally. Like you, several members of the development team are more inclined to solo-play, and of course, we all want the main story to be accessible and enjoyable by different types of players.

When we initially made this decision, the primary factor in choosing this direction was that Expeditions in New World offer the most high-fidelity PvE experiences in the game and they allow us the best tools for storytelling. We knew that this might be a turn-off for some people, but we weighed it out and decided that these quests were important for establishing “punctuation moments” in the main storyline. That said, we have discussed adding an alternative path to progressing the main story without requiring players to group up, and as we evolve the dynamics for our open-world quests and stories, we may have greater capability than ever to create these types of moments outside of Expeditions. The feedback and sentiments you have expressed here are invaluable because they really highlight the interest here, and help us decide how to prioritize going forward.

While we can’t commit to anything right now, we can definitely say that we will discuss and consider options for creating another path within the current main story quests, and that going forward, we’ll take these sentiments and a balance of playstyles into account when designing any new larger story beat quests. Thanks again to everyone who’s been expressing their thoughts and feedback here, and we will continue to watch and listen for more insights on how we can improve the experience.


I still wanna be a mercenary! :wink:

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Simply just don’t do it. We are here to play your game. Either way, people will cry and moan. MMO is not a single-player experience. If you going that rout might as well let people solo kill all the bosses in the game, since pathing so bad bosses break by just walking by them.


Excavations should be made to be raid like content and not gate keep the main story lines. Some of us play with small groups of close friends and enjoy the excavation content, but not the blocks it causes. Sure , we could add others to our group, or go meta and get them done, but thats not as fun. Make it an optional thing and not have the main quest line locked behind it.


Thanks for the heads-up @Critias . It’s good to hear that our concerns are at least being discussed and considered.


I see a lot of people say this “I’m 45 now…” as if the gaming industry should now cater to you because you’re 45.

I WANT group content. I want to need a group to do things. It’s an mmo…


did they fix this yet?

I don’t really wanna talk to you do you really wanna talk to me or just play thhe dam game?


It’s an mmo, I want to have a social experience. There are plenty of single player games you can play that doesn’t require socializing.

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"Tank lfg…
"Dps lfg…
"Healer lfg…

“One hour of spamming lfg later”

“Team enters dungeons. No one says anything. Kill end boss. Take loot.”

“GG Everyone. Bye”

Such an enthralling social experience.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Can we have group punctuation moments?

For example, after we organized a group to defeat the Well Guardian (overtuned boss btw), the story drops back to solo.

Was expecting an aha! We did it moment. Instead everyone drops group to go talk to the bear in SM in their individual single serving slice of NW pie

E.g. #2. Defeat final boss in Garden of Genesis. (Or any expedition) and a 90s victory splash screen is displayed.

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i don’t think the game should cater to players who do not want to ever group up with other players. it is perfectly acceptable to have content that requires coordination and interaction with other players, even in the main quest line. games are meant to be challenging. overcoming those challenges makes us better people.

You are conveniently ignoring the fact that New World has plenty of challenging group content that requires coordination, interaction and knowledge of the game mechanics. All of which a player can do, but isn’t forced to.
Also, not everyone plays games for the same reasons… some people want a challenge, others want to relax or simply have fun and again others want to socialize/interact with people in chat. All of those are valid reasons to play.
And do you honestly want to group with someone who doesn’t enjoy group content? That’s just asking for a miserable experience for everyone involved. People who want to group can and will do so. But don’t try to force it on everybody.


It’s an MMO where your friends are scattered across other servers, so yes a lot of people play solo.


No you can’t.

Literally Dungeon 35 needs 3 people.

“Oh but I can”.

No you can’t, it’s not aboout can and cannot, you literally cannot press the switches to progress.

Dungeon 45 has mechanics and Switches (again) that prevent you from going solo.

Dungeon 55 don’t bother.

And those are just the ones in the main story.
There are dungeons outside story mode.