Main Story Line forces you to form a group

Nice, thank you. I truly hope this gets implemented.
To repeat, I’m 60 years old, been playing games since the Sinclair Spectrum came out, early adopter of UO, WoW, … you name it.

The reality is … I’ve played high level dungeons, raids, … whatever you call it for a long, long time. But, you know, then RL kicks in … long time … Back to the present, I still play games for fun, love the immense open worlds, love the crafting, you know, the RPG-feel of getting your character to be the best possible. I honestly would love to do the dungeons, expeditions … whatever you call them.

But - at this time - I would rather enjoy the RPG-stuff - sorry, PvP-addicts, I feel your pain. To be honest, when reaching lvl 60 (in a year or two :stuck_out_tongue: ) I will get into PvP.

Anyway, enjoy the game and if you don’t like it, leave. Done it many times before.

Peace out :slight_smile:


I dont see the issue? just do the quest in amrine, when u have the time, dont rush it. its still part of the story u choose to play in. but wont be the last time either, i will just suggest u to do side storys or so till u have the time to ignore what u dont want IF u wanna contenue the story.
but if u wanna do Q’s moste mmo’s gives u quests that requires u to enter either a dungeon with a group or a do a elite quest u cant solo unless u wait several powerspikes to over come what ever the quest in the first place wanted u to do.

But hey, thats just me i just dont see the issue :slight_smile:

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I don’t need new world to teach me how to be a better person. I don’t think they are qualified for that sort of job. Also this idea that I need to play the way you do or I’m not worthy enough to even play this game is crap. It’s a bad design to force players into activities they don’t want to do. What I’m interested in hearing from players though is what they will loose if I don’t do the dungeon with them? I’m stuck on the depths and literally nobody is running it today. As a result I just logged off at the entrance. That’s not fun.


you’re not forced to do anything you don’t want to do. if you want some reward, you have to earn it. whether or not you are worthy to play this game will be determined when you choose to log off because you’re failing.

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Group content should always be side quests. And I say this as an active expedition runner.


Thanks for calling these quests out, @naamtar. We’ll look at the quests - and possibly the encounters as well - to see if they need to be re-tuned.


The area for the Well Guardian is also incredibly buggy. Lots of rocks without hitboxes that you can pass right through. Strange terrain you can get stuck on.

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Agreed, the first 2 times in there I got stuck in the floor after a dodge roll. Needless to say that didn’t go well.

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I can’t even do Amrine because there are very few people wanting to do that quest because they have already done it.

I didn’t rush the game, I savoured it. Now I am paying the price of taking my time, enjoying the scenery, as there is no one to run Amrine, and I am betting it will be the same for other dungeons.

So I am stuck… Plus you cant just hang around the door anymore, waiting for other players to join as you will probably get booted for being AFK… lol

Seriously stuck.

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I would much prefer to not be forced to form groups to get through Main Quest content and story. For me that feels like much more of something I want to be able to do without a group talking in my ear or having to find strangers to help me.


I don’t mind doing quests with other people, but HAVING to is against the grain for me… Like mommy told me to do something… lol

It’s also random, you may get good gamers joining you, or you may get gamers that don’t know how to play yet…
So it’s random with who you get to join you in the dungeon quest.
Something I don’t like. (PS: I am in a guild, but they have all done Amrine and don’t want to do it again)… I need a new guild.

And seeing as no one else wants to do Amrine anymore… I will have very little choice with who I enter it with…

I am level 30 and still waiting for the Amrine quest… grrrrrrrr


If you want a single player game play The Witcher. I really can’t fathom why anyone would want to try to play an MMO alone

That’s just nonsense. You can’t earn a group activity when nobody is doing it.

Some of these quests require other players be on the same quest in order to get into the area.

That will be a long term problem.


Yeah you’re not wrong

I also think the main issue with requiring dungeons to complete the main story quest, is that the early dungeons are not compelling enough to have people wanting to run them. The second dungeon is actually kind of a chore because of the lasers.

This has been a problem in previous MMOs, as well. People just do not want to go back and help new players with old content that offers them no reward.

It’s fine to have quests that require dungeons - but they need to be side quests. People are going to start charging players for “boosting” services. Like imagine making it to Amrine 4 months from now and the only way you can continue your main story quest is to get some 60’s to carry you through it.

Does going through Amrine with a group of max level players just massacring everything really seem like a great experience? Worse case scenario is it fair that a level 20 something has to pay max level players just to continue progressing?


I tried spamming Recruitment and Zone chat for hours (combined, since my play time does not always allow me to play 1-2-3-x hour continuously ) to find groups for the hard missions, without success. I won’t do it again. Wasted time and garbage implementation.
I tried waiting in spot X near an elite enemy that needed killing. Sometimes a group would come and I could get credit. Most often I gave up and moved on. Filth.

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TL:DR -the games questing from 1-60 needs to be sincerely looked at.


I have done everything this game has to offer me to gain experience; flagging for pvp while doing quests and crafting/gathering, participating in wars, crafting/gathering, town boards, side quests, faction quests(both pvp and pve), expeditions, and the main story quest. I am currently halfway to 53 and on the very last story quest with no other quest pickups in ANY of the endgame zones; Great Cleave, Eden Grove, Mourningdale, Reekwater(except the syndicate quest for alchemist), have nothing to offer me for side quests or additional quests. I am all for experiencing this game and all it has to offer, but it pains me to think I now MUST do more town board quests, faction quests, and expedition quests just to hit max level.

This is partially because of the game’s really poor chat systems.

A lot of people have certain channels muted because of mass reporting issues going on that result in false bans.

A lot of people have certain channels turned off just because of how annoying people are spamming them constantly with edgy stuff.

So one guy is typing in Global Chat while another guy is typing in Area Chat and another guy only has his Faction or Company Chat open because at some point he clicked one of those windows to type something and forgot to click on Feed again after he typed it and hit return.

In a game like WoW you just have /say where it pops up universally. In this game there are a lot of different reasons that nobody will see what you’re trying to say.

I am older than you, and I like to solo as well. Here is what I learned about Amrine (the expedition that requires a group). Get into a HIGH LEVEL group. This Expedition can be run quite quickly with an experienced leader and a high-level team. I was lucky. The first time I ran Amrine, I lucked into a group like this. It was a breeze, and we were done within 15-20 minutes. I think I took a bit longer just looking around.

Even when I went in since, it is not a long Expedition. I think it is easily completable within 30 minutes. I’m just say to go in over-powered, and then use that to your advantage. You can defer the quest until you get some additional levels.

My two cents. Hope it helps.

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