Main Story Line forces you to form a group

not to mention, why is a solo player playing a MMO? RPGs are designed for solo players.

I’d like to solo it as well.
Except for Expeditions and Corruption Portals, the game is essentially solo and I haven’t seen as much social activity at all.
I think people already got tired of farming Amrine plus it’s gate by a Tuning Orb.

I’m also overlevelled from just crafting, which is something else I think they need to address.


Ive no issie with group quests, but once they fix the mistake of how bad making orbs is to enter dungeons and remove the need for orbs, i hope they let player enter dungeons solo, as i love soloing stuff at my own pace.

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Even before that they experimented with this in the Grand Companies where you can run dungeons with your NPC squad.
Also, in the worst case you can outlevel the dungeon and go in un-synced.

SWTOR also has solo mode dungeons (“flashpoints”) for their story progression and repeat play after.
Absolutely the model for solo story players.
And experiencing story really is best done solo when you don’t have to try to match someone else’s pace.

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its very easy to call member to make the quest, just ask in global chat

Hey everyone, thank you for voicing your concerns about this issue! I completely understand wanting to play solo, especially when you are not as comfortable to the game or your server’s social setting or maybe you just don’t have the time to find a group. I will bring these concerns up to the team to make sure that this sentiment is heard.

Thank you again for helping us improve New World! We appreciate your feedback.


It’s an MMO


Completely disagree about MSQ forcing groups.

The entire MSQ puts an emphasis on solo play.

There are no group cutscenes, no group voice overs, everything is single serving from the moment you log into the beach.

Yes you have to complete a dungeon/expedition, but the path of least leveling resistance for MSQ is solo play.

Many of my friends have abandoned completing the MSQ only to complete it when in dire need of Azoth.


Thanks Luxendra, that would be great. Im finding gameplay a little stalled as Im unable to continue my main quest and Im not getting azoth much from the crafting quests etc. I will try to make another group in the weekend, see if I can find people who are also needing this but after my last experience I dont hold out much hope, in fact Im dreading having to do this.

Very much appreciate reading your post regarding this worry for some of us. :heartpulse:


In my server at least is impossible to do dungeons past Armire. My server is high population and I’m 3 days trying to find a group to progress the main story. People on level 30+ after discovering the Portal trains stop doing anything related to PvE.

The cap of 2000 players looks enough, but for this kind of content like dungeons, is nothing. Probably we gonna able to do dungeons on max level when half or more are done levelling.

Another issue is the difficulty of the dungeon, people constantly try to run it below the recommended level e turn into a complete failure. Sometimes you don’t even have an option because you need a key to enter and not enough people to run the dungeon.


Amrine? It took us almost an hour. Don’t know what you mean by a 10 minute instance.

Also, as someone said above, the only way they were able to get into a group in seven hours of wanting to was to lie and say they were a tank. I’m pretty sure the group I had last night also had a tank who wasn’t in any sort of tank spec, and our healer definitely didn’t do much in the way of healing.

It’s unreal, a MMORPG launching in 2021 without a group finder. Games have DIED because of that. Star Wars: The Old Republic is literally remembered as having been dead on arrival primarily because it didn’t have a group finder.


I agree. This game is great about giving players all kinds of options for gameplay. I think having the dungeons themselves optional would be a good thing. This could be accomplished by having a little dialogue box that you can pick an option between “Head to dungeon” or “Continue to next quest”. Gating story can sometimes deter players from sticking around in a game, I personally know of those who stop playing a game once they reach story dungeon gates due to queues and stuff like that. Having options pleases both types of players because those who want to group up right then can do so, and those who simply want to enjoy the story can continue the story and go back later if they want to do the dungeon - without having their story progress halted.


Yes and FFXIV has an amazing dungeon finder. You forgot to mention that. All you have to do is click the button and you get a team ready for you which is better than the awful spam In LFG channel to find groups.

There is a reason why FFXIV is number one MMO right now with the best community. It makes game more accessable to the player while New World is suffering from identity crisis and can’t decide whether it wants be a MMO or a survival game. It’s trying too hard to be old school that it will only end up alienating big portion of its players base.


Despite the fact I am grouping with my friends I too think the main quest should be soloable. Perhaps as was suggested before a solo mode with lesser rewards for the dungeon since writing out the dungeon entirely might be too much at this point to change. The main quest in FFXIV having mandatory dungeons was in fact one of the reasons I stopped playing it. I enjoy playing with my friends but sometimes we aren’t in sync for wanting to do dungeons at the same time, so having them linked to the MSQ is… odd, honestly. It doesn’t really seem to fit.


I’ve stopped the main story line quests for this reason. I hate being forced in content that I don’t like. Not a big fan of instanced dungeons, I prefer open world activities, in group or solo.

Many ways to level is my motto.


That’s basically the solution I’d prefer. It would allow both sides to have what they want, without taking away from anyone.


Please summarize the answers also. Ah you already did. Nice job

MMO Massive Multiplayer Online… so… a LARGE group of people play online in the same server, that is literally all it means, it does not mean you are forced to group up with other players if you don’t choose to by default. now, if it was Massive Co-op Multiplayer Online, that would be different, but nowhere does it state cooperation is required.

The mindset of “MUST PLAY WITH OTHERS” for MMO is part of what pulled me away from mmorpgs, especially in instances like New World where I cannot get into the various servers that I have friends on (until server transfers and even then, there is no transparency as to how they will work, one group takes up 2 companies, if they only require higher population servers to transfer to lower population servers and not the reverse, then the server transfers are rendered useless for some trying to get into their large group’s server)


Well, it IS an MMO though - So I guess its totally fine that there is group stuff.
I very appreciated that the expedition was a part of the main quest line.

BUT what I dislike about this is the fact that it will be very hard for new players to actually do this. On my server it is already pretty hard to find people for lower lvl dungeons (amrine/starstone) so if someone would start a new character on the server in like a month from now, it will be really hard for him to get a group for this expedition to progress the questline (Sure, there might be a nice lvl 60 player who helps, but it’ll still be a hassle).

Ofc you could overlvl the dungeon, so that you can solo it though.

That doesn’t work at least as far as Amrine is concerned. Even if they got rid off the 3 people requirement to even enter an expedition, Amrine requires multiple people for the bridge.
I don’t know if any of the other dungeons have similiar mechanics, but I assume they do.

Also, no one is trying to remove group content. What we’re asking for is a way to skip it if we don’t want to do it. The content would still be there and if we want to get a dungeon reward or do Barkimedes’ quest we’d still be required to do it.