Main story lvl 60 quest require a group?

New 60 and trying to complete the main story but where I need to go appears to be way in back of an elite area where I see no way through without getting destroyed. Am I missing something am I actually going to need to beg people to stop playing an expansion to help me get to a freaking main story quest?

What elite area is this?
You can always ask people to help, many level 60s do want to help, including me!
Also there are usually multiple World Tours during the day, even with the new update, so you can always join that train while questing :blush:

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The quest marker is in the very back of the most northern part of Shattered Mountain. I haven’t seen a way in that doesn’t take me through a ton of elite mobs, pretty dense and I tried. I never see anyone around up there but it could be my lower pop server.

It sounds like the quest pointer for tempests heart, with the shrine and expedition entrance behind Myrkguard.
Assuming so, it’s definitely possible to get to there solo, but it’s also the last last part of the main quest and I think you don’t need it for Brimstone.

hey congratulations on hitting max level, time to walk about in dazed confusion wondering what the point of all that was.
Its a shame you can’t get there, you’ll need to do 25x times a week alone even if you do.
Maybe wait until we can level to 70 in a years time? then you and I can solo them.

You can solo big parts of Myrk already, i farmed Orichalcum there months ago.


There are multiple Options to get to that Quest Marker.

  • Either Join or just blatantly wait for the Elite train to Clear Myrk, there are regular Elite Trains running every hour Run by the community on every High Pop Server and most med Pop Server.

  • Build your own group for doing Myrk.

  • Make a Runner build with lots of haste (how/rapier/greatsword/hatchet) or lots of hard CC (Warhammer/SnS/ig/greataxe/spear) and Run past everything.

  • Make or adapt your build to corrupted enemies, corrupted ward on Armor - corrupted bane weapons (thrust does additional damage). Get some Lifestealing Perks and solo Myrk. Just avoid those T4 Elites and you’ll get there.

  • Ask Chat for Help, there are some friendly people out there who can do this Run in about 5 min to get you there

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would be handy if you didn’t need to go through myrk to get to the shrine just so it shows on group finder to find a group that you needed to get there in the first place.

Never understood the logic behind that.
Why is ‘cheesing it’ the typical method to over come the games shortcomings?

In the Future there will be an Option to use the group finder Tool to Form/LF groups for Open World stuff, AGS already confirmed they’re working on it.

I’ve listed multiple ways to get there actually.

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