Maintenance 26/05/2022

Hi all, why can I find no information as to todays 26/05/2022 Maintenance, unable to find patch notes or downtime. Anyone any clues please

Really? Didn’t look hard enough.

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You can find the patch notes on the NewWorld website here: May Update - Arenas - Releases | New World

You can also access this directly from the game client before logging into your char.

I saw on the Community Content page that they made a post about the length of the downtime being about 2 hours here: Community Content | New World

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Hi Shadowgrudge, thank you very much for the information, I should not have to ask next time

Hi Prisonerzero, thank you for information, but really? Didn’t look hard enough How the hell was I supposed to know It would come under the heading including arena’s. Others have been helpful without being sarcastic, perhaps if you was disabled you might just understand

Next time, just look under Dev Tracker. You’ll usually find the information you need close to the top of the list. :slight_smile:

I am disabled… apologies if I approach others equally.

The timestamps help quite a bit. It’s a key thing I look at when I am looking for the latest information.

Hi m8, Thank you very much

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Hi m8, Thank you for the info, will try to keep it in mind for next time, and yes being disabled for both of us does not help at all, but we still keep trying to keep up with the un-disabled, ( lol not sure that is even a word )

Eh… calling them muggles can work too! LOL

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