Maintenance Prime hours EU Central?

Why would you put down EU central servers for maintenance for 3 hrs mid day?
Seems so stupid to me.
Why couldnt this wait until night time?

This isn’t just maintenance, is a fix to huge issues we have right now. For me, they can do it any time if is to make the core of the game better.

I get what you are saying but when you dont have alot of time to play and they keep putting down the servers that is abit frustrating,

Ofc they need to update and fix the issues i get that but why not do it when it affect as few people as possible?

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3pm to 6pm is not primetime lol

But you got my point i guess?

prime time?? lol.
1500 people in a busy schedule didn’t seem like much of a prime to me.

So you dont care about mid day EU patches?

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