Maintenance while in Genesis Expedition (SPOILER: We didn't finish it)

We had begun Genesis Expedition and had only just entered when the dreaded maintenance alert appeared. We started to try to beat the timer with less then 30 minutes, I believe the alert appeared 26 minutes before the servers went down. This is doable if you skip all additional mobs and have a perfect run. Of course this did not happen since we were then stressed to beat the clock. To fully complete a dungeon and kill every single mob takes at least 30 minutes for a highly geared and competent team, maybe 40 minutes for us going slower and making some mistakes. Either way an hour warning should be given. Now we lost an orb which took many hours to make and have nothing to show for it.


Bump! We need far more warning before maintenance window, and even if the maintenance has to happen with no forum post, please expand it to an 1hr notice, because unlocking content takes time, and has in game crafting limits.


100% :joy:


Update, was able to log back in and was greeted by a death screen, RIP orb

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