Major Blunderbuss Issues

Physical ranged weapons seem to have an inbuild mechanic on really close range to have a chance to “miss” or “deflect” as enemy npcs do have the same Problem.

So its Not Player only

I use real ammo in all dungeons. Mutations or not. Yes, free ammo everywhere else except OWPvP.

I dont think its a mechanic at all. I think its just desync like. Also if you are on top of an enemy the projecticle is actually past their body so thats why it misses. That is more apparent with the musket as you can see the barrel past the head.

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Plus, I’ve only ever been shot point blank with a musket once and I honestly don’t know why. Lmao. So I’m sure it’s less frequent than bb have under the radar.

Funny though, its fairly common with archer Skelletons to “missfire” even their skill shots If you’re point blank and attacking them

this issue I have noticed alot. happens with alot of ranged weapons. more noticeable with BB.

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Glad to see everyone’s additional input!

I’ve started using Steel Ammo for most of the dungeon and swapping on Ori for the boss fights.

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Thanks for your time and effort NewWorld00, and we appreciate the videos/images that get provided to us on the forums when it comes to bug reports/feedback reports as it helps the team look into them more efficiently :slight_smile: .

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Thank you, I did manage to make a thread to report this bug in the correct section, hopefully, it’s expedited! <3

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Are those something the community mods can fill out/submit then link to this post?

Also, if someone is too close to you, it hits the object behind you. Happens with musket as well


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When I am referring to a feedback/bug report, I mean reports on the forums that the users here provide using the format listed here [Megathread] New World Update 1.4.1 Bug Reporting. These type of reports belong in the bug report/game feedback suggestion of the forums :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m asking if you can make the reports on behalf of the players, after you’ve read/reviewed the issue…

As it’s a time consuming and curious if that falls under your responsibilities.

That’s also not the correct link, we’ve had another patch

Yeah but I think it links to the correct thread. No worries :slight_smile:

Sorry about linking the old thread, the format has remained the same. And yes, we send the bug reports and feedback given to us here on the forums directly to the developers using the information that the players have provided us on the forums.

I understand that it is time consuming to write up a report using the format but it helps!


Thanks. Often during conversations your moderating, lots of bugs are discussed and I don’t believe players are actively submitting them (in the proper template)

Hoping that you’re doing it :slight_smile:

I know in the dev videos they’re using software to compile the posts so they can sort through all the posts and it seems to be working well!

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