[Major Bug] Harvesting Set disappeared. (And probably others)

If you haven’t realized already, then check your stash etc, certain items that are labeled as “Harvester” is gone, such as “Harvester Shirt” etc, they simply disappeared and none existent.

Many players are reporting the same issue on my server.
My guess is that the convertance of items to others because they were found useless, converted our harvester sets too by mistake

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Hey they are aware of the issue. Multiple reports on the forums already as well


Right, same thing happened to certain Weaver items, are they aware of that too? They changed their attributes and became normal items instead without the weaver attribute.

They haven’t commented on it yet, but i’m compiling a list and I have an item on there about items being downgraded

Right, also you might wanna add that cancelling any order from the trading post that was listed pre-patch doesn’t return to the item to you at all, it just disappears, period.

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my Tanner set is ok

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Oh interesting I haven’t seen that one posted yet. I can add it once I see multiple reports up here that I can link too.

my harvesting set has disappeard !

Yep 600 harvesting set for Hard money from auction gone hope they somehow return these items…

I also have been impacted by my harvesting gear disappearing.

@Havuc Another post about items disappearing from TP if cancelled, those listed pre patch, careful guys, items you cancel if listed pre patch gets deleted permanently

Thanks, just saw that one. Adding it to my list!

When you type harvester in the trading post search bar, the names of the set pieces USED to appear … its even gone from there.

The trading post feels like a straight dump of the gear/items database the way its structured, it feels more like a dev tool then a final product, but ok, anyway… the names not showing means entire db tables could be missing, nice job!

Its easy to see, for exemple the bullets and arrows arent sorted together, they appear by the type of metal they’re made, then bullet and arrow. Comparing Iron and Steel bullets shouldnt require you to go back twice, if they actually made a user interface that is. But dumping all the tables of a db would give you something like that.

I guess the PvP boost wasnt a big enough middle finger to the PvE grownd, lol

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