MAJOR bug with Ice Storm

Ice Storm does not work as intended after the new patch.

Once you cast it and if you basic attack the target, Ice Storm STOPS doing damage even if the storm is still there. So basically, you cast Ice Storm, deal a basic attack and the damage tick of the Storm, STOPS!

I will only get back to this game after this is fixed, until then… Goodbye! Ive had enough of its bugs!




can confirm something is wrong, my ice storm only ticks for 1/3 of its duration

EDIT: could only reproduce it once, seems to work fine otherwise. were you testing on large hitboxes?

EDIT2: ticks for full duration if enemy is moving around in AOE, horrible fix, well done AGS.
You combo gravity well and ice storm for a nice dmg burst? well screw you, you get LESS damage

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I tested on wolves, hogs and some other medium HP mobs.

It deals damage up until I basic attack the mob and then it stops doing ticks.

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