Major bug with the new heal settings

The keybinds work perfectly until someone dies, then the order completely messes up. Sometimes I have to select the first member in the group with the target group member 5 hotkey.
Like this, it is completely useless.

Also, it would be nice to have an indicator to see if group mode is on or off.


How did it even get past testing…


That’s the thing, there is no testing.


Haloooooo, who help? +2

I think myself and my guildmate saw this on PTR and reported it. I’m sure others saw it as well. They will fix it. But one thing you can try to mitigate this is to disable the scroll wheel for group member selection.

Starting to feel like QA doesn’t exist. These aren’t edge cases.

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Scroll wheel is not related to this and I’m not touching scroll wheel at all. I want to heal my teammates by selecting them with the new target member 1-5 hotkeys while being in group mode off, which works fine until anyone in the group dies. After that, the group order is mixed up then it fixes itself for a while until someone dies again and so on. It seems to have something to do with the group members not being in range.

All in all, it is just super inconsistent atm.

There used to be a Developer response to this post here. Why was it deleted? Excuse me?

Yep still a big issue.

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