Major Corrupted Portals (Lv. 65)

I understand the need for the quick disabling of loot from these, but how difficult is it to just adjust the respawn timer and run a quick server restart to apply the change?

I’m sure everyone would agree that we would rather have server restarts during the week if it means core parts of the game are functional.

As it currently stands the response to disable loot from the Myrkguard Corruptions has been a shotgun response and has also disabled loot from all level 65 Major corruptions. The further side effect of this is that it has made crafting Expedition Keys FAR more difficult, and this is making the endgame a disappointing mess since dungeons can’t be done, outpost rush can’t be done, Corruption farms can’t be done.

It could also be said that disabling loot from the corruptions was the wrong move since they weren’t working for the first 2-3 weeks, them respawning too fast for a week would make up for the fact we didn’t have access to them for so long.

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