Major exploit needs to be addressed/communicated on

This exploit is widely known by both players and the dev team, however, what is not happening is the communication about it to the player base.

The invulnerability glitch is game breaking in wars. Obviously, it needs to be fixed, but wars need to be disabled until it is fixed. This is just one exploit in wars that give unfair advantages to those using it… there is also the ice gauntlet. The ice gauntlet exploits actually make it IMPOSSIBLE to identify those using the invulnerability glitch due to the lag, and everyone already appearing to stand in place.

Furthermore, where is the communication about how this will be fixed, when the client is authoritative? How will other exploits be avoided when the client is authoritative?

Communication is key to success. If you are simply putting out vague communications about the issues, it isn’t enough. We need to see your action plan, or the player base will continue to drop.

Most of us love the game, on its surface, but eventually these types of exploits will drive even the most dedicated away.

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