Major Loot Trophies Are "Not" Worth Buying

After the last 1.1 patch, loot trophies do not work properly. My 45.2 Luck was a very desperate item farming compared to my friend’s 33.7 Luck friend.
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We always farmed together and it has been a week since we started countering.
My trophy material: 2 Legendary weapon or armor: 1
Friend’s trophy material: 8 Legendary weapon or armor:6

It could be a coincidence, but the result is very disappointing.
Even the number of epic weapons and armor is less than 33.7 friend.

My conclusion is that if LOOT materials on your server are expensive and you want to buy them? JUST DO NOT BUY IT

I suggest you read this dev blog posted, specifically the section about Luck. It seems like you don’t quite understand how it works.

[Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2 - Developer Corner - New World Forums

Please, we listened to this crap already for months, community managers closing out bug reports saying that luck was just misunderstood and not broken. We know for a FACT that it was broken the whole time. Stop spamming every damn thread about it with this tired excuse.

Well maybe you should read it, too. It clearly states that you don’t necessarily get more loot from having higher luck but rather you are more likely to get loot of a higher rarity. OP mentions they and their friend got about the same amount of weapon and armor drops which indicate they don’t understand this and since you rebuffed me for trying to help him understand based on that statement that the OP made, I can assume you don’t understand it either.

Maybe you’re right and it’s not functioning the way it’s supposed to be either, but it’s not supposed to function the way the OP is expecting it to and they should know that.

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How is 1 “about the same” as 6? Did they teach you common core math in school?

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If they got the same amount of drops, per your own logic, higher luck guy should have had more legendary, but he had less. So I think you aren’t understanding something here. (same amount of drops but luck guy shoulda had better drops, right?)

Yea, I can see you have a reading problem.

You’re having a hard time disconnecting the number of rare drops from the drops rarity and you keep ignoring that both the blog and I have stated that luck doesn’t have a lot to do with how many pieces of rare loot you get. This is likely why you, and others, feel it’s not working.

So you have two players who kill about the same number of enemies. The one with higher luck gets 1/6 as much as top tier (legendary) loot as the one with lower luck. You’re seriously trying to argue that’s how the system is supposed to work? Your “explanation” is bunk, it literally makes no sense whatsoever, is not correct, and frankly you should just stop posting.

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Im not arguing anything. I’m informing you. If you read the blog you’d see that’s how it works. Luck does not give you more loot, it gives you better loot. Here’s some example math to help you understand:

You and your friend kill 1000 mobs. You both have the same exact chance to get a piece of loot on each kill, because luck does not play a part here.

He gets lucky and 600 out of 1000 mob kills he gets loot.
You aren’t as lucky and you only get loot 300 out of the 1000 mob kills.

You have higher luck so 30% of your 300 loot drops are higher rarity and you end up with 90 legendary items.
His luck is a little lower so only 20% of his 600 drops are higher rarity. He gets 120 legendary items.

Even tho these numbers are example and it doesn’t work exactly like this, it is the general gist of how it was designed. Luck is still working - exactly as it’s designed to.

Here’s from the dev blog I linked:

Luck doesn’t increase your chance to get higher gear score rolls or roll more perks, but it does increase your chances of seeing item drops that have higher chances of rolling bonuses.

The chance to get an item is static. The chance that item rolls more perks or a higher gear score is static. The only thing luck does is increase your chance to get an item that has a higher static chance to have more perks or be a higher item level.


By your premise, the higher luck player in this scenario would have had to get less than 1/6 as many loot drops. That’s so statistically improbable that it can be immediately classified as BS.

This course might help you understand.

Ok can someone here state how dropchance is calcualted?

Like we know loot has a chance to drop in differnt kind of rarity depnding on your luck, but how likely is it that a drop occurs!?!?!?
Like what helps you like a high luck rate of 80% when only every 1000 mob drops something!?

I just re-read that dev post that is linked up above and Nova is correct, it’s exactly as he/she’s explaining it.

As the dev explains it, luck does not increase the chance of a drop, it just increases the quality of a drop. So yes, someone with higher luck can get a lower amount of drops but they will be of higher quality. Or as happened with your friend, he just got more drops and with his high luck score many ended being high quality. Although his number of drops was unaffected by luck.

The explanation is not bunk, you just need to stop for a second, re-read that dev post and think about what it says.

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You’re making the same mistake, handwaving over the problem that your “explanation” would require one player to get vastly fewer total drops. This does not make sense and did not happen.

You know what… knock yourself out, have at it. And have a nice day. :slight_smile:

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You’re the only one here that doesn’t seem to understand probability. I used exaggerated numbers on purpose to help you understand. Your hate boner for the game is too strong though and it seems you’re a lost cause.

Wrong, I understand probability VERY well, and I use it in computer science all the time. Maybe it would surprise you to know that probability is used to protect your bank account, medical records, and indeed everything you pass over the web now.

I mean, which would you say is more likely:

  • a “random” cascade of events that’s less likely than the moon falling on my head
  • that thing which WE KNOW FOR A FACT WAS BROKEN is still broken

This isn’t rocket science.

It’s literally the definition of conjecture. You think it’s not working because you are unable to understand it doesn’t work the way you think it does. When someone explains how it works, you just tell them they are wrong so that you can continue to claim the luck mechanic is broken.

Of course you’re going to think the luck mechanic is broken when you die on the hill that it is supposed to work a way that it doesn’t and wasn’t designed to lol

Anyway, that’s enough from me. It’s clear I can’t help you and I think I’ve left a sound enough argument that anyone with a brain in their head reading this will be able to understand.

No, I gave you a specific reason you’re wrong.

You’re the one grandstanding.

I must have a reading problem too. The way you’re describing it makes no sense whatsoever, sorry.
Luck is supposed to bump rarity of a drop, so OP should have roughly the same total amount of gear drops as their friend, but more legendary items in that mix.
Trophy components could be different though - I am not sure if legendary version is internally considered to be “same as purple, just better” or a completely different item.

The sample pool is to small and lacks enough info. Rng is still rng luck simply modifys the roll up. You could of gotten crap base rolls with your friend getting better ones.

Did you guys farm for 5 hours ever day for a week or a hour each day ? did you farm in the same spot ? what was the logged loot drops other then the legendary gear pieces ? what armor/weapons sets dropped for each of you?

One thing to consider is that since your roll is modified higher then your friends is that some sets of gear or weapons at the low end of the roll are just not dropping for you.

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