Major Loot Trophies Are "Not" Worth Buying

This is not true.

I have personally did a lot of tests with 7k up to 14k luck when gathering and i have to tell you that i was getting at least 50% more legendary materials when gathering with 14k luck. Actually, i was getting around 250 Tolvium and 150 Cinnabar at every 10k Orichalcum mined with 14k luck where as before i could barely get 100 Tolvium and 150 Cinnabar at every 10k orichalcum mined with 7k luck.

What changed to be honest is the fact that Tolvium was replaced with Cinnabar while Tolvium also dropped much more in quantity with the more luck that i had.

Also, there is another interesting bug going on with the territory standing showing as gathering speed bonus where as it is actually yield bonus and trust me that having 30% yield bonus is pretty massive when gathering in some areas such as Ebonscale ( i can bet that countless of players mined orichalcum at ebonscale without even raising their standing territory bonus for that extra yield ).

Gathering luck works entirely different from the way drop and loot container luck works.

That is also in the blog. It really doesn’t take that long to read, people.

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You are right. I was not paying attention.

But if there is anything useful that i can add then that is the fact that Major Loot Luck trophy seems to add only 150 luck per trophy where as the Weaver’s Knot for example seems to add 190 Luck so the Major Trophy seems to be pretty bad with the exception that it is global and is gear independent.

The OP was stating that he has more luck because of more Major Trophies but those are not even that much special despite the massive costs to get them.

edit: misunderstanding on my part. disregard.

In New World’s loot model, drop tables are divided up into overall rarities, with rarer groupings of items living “higher” on the roll table than more common items. There are entire sets of items that drop less frequently than other sets, and equipment is a great example of how we do this.

Luck doesn’t increase your chance to get higher gear score rolls or roll more perks, but it does increase your chances of seeing item drops that have higher chances of rolling bonuses.

Luck stat does not effect the number of perks on any given item. If two players get the SAME item loot luck has no impact on the rarity of that item when it’s generated.

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