Major Performance Issues After Update

Ever since the update I have been freeze framing for 1-2 seconds very regularly, like every few minutes or so. Arenas and OPR are basically unplayable, i’ve tried changing video settings to no avail, and i’m frustrated. I am excited to get into playing the update, but its just so hard to enjoy it with how the game’s performance is in it’s current state.


Same issue for me. Since the patch today, I log in and get 1-5 seconds of freezing every few minutes of gameplay. Makes expeditions and pvp 100% unplayable. Tried verifying integrity of game files, updating Windows, and restarting PC.

Experiencing this as well.

Feels like when players enter my render distance my game/client stutters, but not 100%.

Easily reproduced playing an OPR match

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Two people paying here on same internet… my game is working… my friend is getting lag detected and game freezes even outside town away from everyone.

I got also perfomance issues playing on higher resolutions , stutterings , fps drops.

Issues started when the Servers got more crowded.

Be glad still you guys can enter NW, I stuck at loading screen just going black and not responding.

i got the same problem.

Does anyone have a video of this in expeditions?

Hey everyone! Would any of you be able to capture and provide video when / if you’re continuing to experience performance issues?

at least 3-5 people get “lag detected” in wars now and get DCd during the starting timer. And of course…then put back into a queue. Hearing horror stories of this everywhere.


Myself and a friend get bad freezing in housing now. It happened before, but it’s a lot worse since the latest update.

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There are major de-sync and stagger issues from melee hits–specifically after the ‘maintenance update’. This is separate from the weapons and skills that still stagger without saying it anywhere.


We recommend joining at least 5 OPRs as a light healer or light mage for direct input


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I’m a network/cyber architect with a few decades of experience. The one thing I’ve noticed on going through the network code is that the engine is using UDP with some sort of reliability layer built on top of it. UDP traffic is given some of the lowest priority by carriers because it’s considered an unreliable protocol and can suffer some loss. Second if you take that and add players playing over any type of wireless connection, there seems to be massive issues for those people. I have had company members solve their issues just by getting a hard wired connection to their gaming rigs.

This tells me there’s an issue with that reliability layer. TCP which is what all other MMO’s use has reliability built in and its battle tested for decades and modern enterprise network interfaces have offloading that lets the CPU focus on things other than packet processing. Can they program in at least an option to use TCP over UDP or please switch the game to TCP for client updates? UDP is fine for voice com’s because that’s one of the intended uses of voice and video.

I think this is a fundamental thing that needs to be addressed that’s likely having a lot of downstream impacts on client perception of game play and adding undue stress to the servers which also impacts stability. Let’s normalize the comm stack because everything above it is impacted.


Eu também estou com esse terrível problema, de drop nos quadors de FPS

I experienced Freezing like that when the Telemetry data was turned on. Stopped when turning it off.

Yes please, the patch came out less than a week ago. Chill people. They will troubleshoot and improve performance.

A patch this size is expected time come with bugs.

I get really bad hit detection with GA/WH in OPR. No lag or stuff like that. But very often my melee abilities wont connect with enemy players even though it should. Havent experienced this in 3v3 arena or open world to this extent