Major Performance Issues After Update


Castle of Steel

At approx 9:10pm EST while in OPR the game crashed, was about to be in near death animation or be killed.
Screenshot (1935)

From what I have observed, I am experiencing EXTREMELY high latency when I die in OPR. This latency sometimes will persist after I respawn, ruining the rest of the match.

…follow up…

I understand why people find this insulting after the fact, but I just want to assist in these reports and hope it helps.

Thanks again.

Fix the Azoth issue or make Azoth costs free. Why you chose to punish players instead is beyond me.

The entirke Castle of Steel server has crashed 3 times in the last 30 mins, war lag out when people hit 50% hp, and when im dead my frames drop from 60+ to 2… FIX THIS


I can’t get back in either. Everyone got kicked out of Castle of Steel. I’ve limited play time and it’s vanishing without me getting to play and get my rewards.

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Not really sure what to “screenshot” here…

Valhalla is running horribly slow. Studer steppings through all of the cities, freezing and locking up in Invasions… Lag Detected messages.

and in case someone is saying it must be my resources… 64GB of RAM, RTX 3080Ti, PCI4 m.2 SSD’s, Gigabit fiber, it’s not me… I can tell you that.

Here’s an idea…PLAY THE GAME ON NORMAL MODE. No dev mods/boosts or anything else, play on a regular pc MOST play on and see for yourselves. Stop asking US to provide the information YOUR TEAM should be looking into and experience it for yourselves. We PAID to own and play NW, not work for you…RIDICULIOUS


karen ?

Amazon are slow lazy people look at how long fast travel bug has been in the game :smiley: also look at all these weapon bugs that you will not fix, ITS PURE LAZY! These people should not be running a game.

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Just … Game stuttering - Almost unplayable - #40 by Vexerya
We cant play pvp …

Been getting lag detected in OPR before and after the update, also got kicked out of OPR like 6 times in one day. It’s really annouying. The UI is completely messed up too. If you go to arena then do OPR all the scoreboards don’t work. If you do a few arenas then you have to relog to do more it says waiting for 6 people. The UI is terrible tbh.

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players in 2022…

care to elaborate on your comment some so at least there’s better understanding?

look at the known issues list? they released a big content patch WITH all of those bugs.

they should NOT have released it with all of those bugs - they should have delayed it.

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I have also experienced that, I thought that’s my weak pc and probably low RAM but it wasn’t the case before. I am relieved seeing that other also have the same issue and it’s not my pc. I agree, OPR is unplayable at some points as my character just stays in one place and doesn’t move at all and sometimes I died because of that

This post shows that devs don’t even play the game and have no clue what we as players are facing daily…


This happens in Invasions as well – Orofena lost one last night because through the course of the invasion, more than half of us were kicked out and had game crashes and logged back in to a queue. I had repair parts and was up on a wall (trying not to “risk” disconnecting by being too close to the melee/corruption) and was shooting at the void destroyer skull when it first popped. Then freeze, crash, and queue. I didn’t get back in until 10 minutes after the invasion was lost… due to the repair parts I had on me.

you dont actually have that here.

as to performance issues.

im getting massive stutters constantly. cant even play melee anymore. switched to bow again just so i can contribute at the least to oprs.

it was prevalent pre patch and would take at least one arena to clear up (felt like the game was still loading everything as it lags when i first use abilities then clears up but now its permanent)

update: I have gotten realy bad lag in OPR death screen. When i die everything almost freezes. Like 2 fps until i respawn. There is also hit reg issues with melee like described before.

Im gonna try to relog to see if it solves the issue
Edit, relogging solved teh issue