Major portals becoming a meme

Did they really forgot that we still can’t get loot from major portals?? A month in and we still can’t create a single expedition orb. That’s just sad, I think it is time to take a break or just give up because forcing some 20v20 pvpve content which im pretty sure won’t even upgrade our watermark over expeditions is kinda pathetic.

pretty sure i closed a major portal yesterday, do you have your tier 5 azoth staff?

they definitely work as of like last week

Ya know, unless someone skins a deer or loots a potion, then the whole portal definitely does not work.

and what did you get for closing it? I don’t care about closing them if I don’t get 40 gold and major cache AND slivers needed for making orbs.

elite supply chest spawned

57 gold slivers and a major cache… Last one I did was about 4 hours ago or so.

Plus your initial post says you are upset about not being able to close the portals, but now you’re saying you are upset because you can close them but aren’t getting the rewards?

Sounds like a bug or maybe you didn’t hit the threshold for getting credit. Because I got promise they are giving the rewards they are supposed to.

My fault in spelling. Edited the first post.

yeah, i like it when some one skins at a major portal and it dissapears.

some dude named Bango skinned during a big portal and it dissapeard. we call it now ‘do not Bango please’

its quite fun. Espacially since ppl respond w it with ‘dont tempt me’

Its humor… annoying but make sme laugh a little.

but i wish i atleast got or more gold or a little better gear…

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