Major Resource Problem

It’s become impossible to obtain resources in this game. There are players that do nothing but camp resource locations all day long and wait for the nodes to spawn, making it impossible to collect anything, especially if people have jobs or a personal life. I’ve literally teleported around for hours trying to find resources and when i got there the same people sitting there keeping the places empty. the shortage is so bad that the prices have become ridiculous on the marketplace, so i can’t buy them, and i can’t collect anything to sell either. and most of these people that camp the resource locations don’t use PVP so there is nothing I can do. This is happening in City of Brass and i will be switching worlds until i find one that isn’t insanely ridiculous. whats the point of buying this game if i can’t even play or do anything with resources. the developers either need to make respawn times for the nodes QUICKER, or make MORE nodes. Games are supposed to be relaxing, not frustrating and making me wish i had my money back.


Any server with playerbase above 1000 players (even less… 700 maybe) become very frustrating harvest mid or hi tier resources. Make more nodes is a must for next updates. Not counting toxic behavior players, luring npcs on others… just for satisfying their own pitiful sickness

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i agree, people can be very toxic. i’ve had people take nodes right out from under me while fighting off the enemies necessary to get to the node. they definitely need to have more nodes available, considering there are like…15 total orichalcum nodes in the whole map its pretty ridiculous, and taking over a half hour to respawn is simply not realistic for a game this big with this many players. it needs to be fair to everyone not just the people who sit in mommys basement taking resources all day because they can’t be bothered to get a job.


More resources wont solve the issue. One of the mods was spit balling some good ideas like instanced nodes that have bind on pick up resources equivalent what exists now.

The issue with just adding more nodes is there will be just another bot sitting on it 24/7

I like the idea of removing PvP gathering luck and having PvP nodes.

I really hope they do both.

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Lol, I literally posted a topic on the same theme, SM Mines is now a toxic Sht Fest on my server, a free for all PvE train mobs to kill anyone.
More nodes wont solve the problem, toxic players will always find a way to be more toxic and grabby for them.
There needs to be some game design changes brought in.

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