Make a new server / servers after fixing the problem with dupers

When they fixed the problem with dupers, make a new server/servers where people can transfer their character without any item, gold or crafting skills and give the ones who want a fair game a choice. That way we still keep our level and gathering skills. Instead of a clean wipe.

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wat is wrong with you

Or u can start over. But closed to transfer like 90-120 days.

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wdym ? my suggestion is just give people a choice. If you want a clean wipe or stay on a server where the economic has crashed and everyone has the best gear then that would be your choice, wouldn’t it ?

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they are working on the bugs and there will be alot more bugs and exploits to come, you can’t just cry for a wipe every single time

I dont cry for a wipe. But you should be given a choice after a problem of this magnitude. The fact that the economic is gone and majority has the best gear kinda ruin the whole game, doesn’t it ? It’s not like a weapon bug/exploit that can be fixed in a patch. The gold, material, items and boosted crafting skills are already out there. As i replied earlier, it just give the people the choice. If you rather what it as it is now, you wouldn’t have to switch server.

and when the new bugs and exploits arrive that possibly may be worse than these? you gunna wait for the patch or make even more servers?

As i said, duping is kind of a big exploit, which ruins to many aspects of the game. Ofcorse there will be many other bugs/exploits, but i find it hard to see something that would be of this magnitude so early in the game. So do you just want it as it is ? what is the point of the game then ?

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it’s a new game and bugs will happen, and there will be many game breaking issues after this one, crying for a wipe or making new servers (which divides/dilutes the overall populations) may not be the answer

Maybe so, but at the same time you cant keep having a game where the economy is gone during the first month. So if there’s a better solution ( as im hundred procent sure there is) im all ears. But people who has benefit from exploits thru gold, material, gear or crafting skill boost can’t just get away with it and keep it as it is, or is that what you think they should ?

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