Make all locations viable

Hey there.
So in the game we have like a lot of beutiful locations and places but most of them You see only once, and only when You are making some side quests or just passing by :smiley:

I think that we should change it, and to bring life in all areas, not only the highest ones, here my proposition:

Instead of making elite chest able to open 2 times a day, which only means twice more myrgard or mines … I would like to see just new chests in old elite towers locations. It would be also nice to make elite tower for all levels in each locations, it doesn’t have to be big monuments, but let’s be honest: there is plenty of place and way to make it. To improve it.

Just the idea. I would like to see any how some of nice locations useful again


Heya @Brawurka, this is a nice idea. I think it would spice things up a bit. I will forward your suggestion to the Development team to review. :slightly_smiling_face:


Elite chest should be more available at POI’s. There is no reason to keep elite chests away from solo players. A lot of servers already struggle with chest runs thanks to decreasing population.

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Exactly. There should be also chests that can be obtainded by solo players, in smaller locations, easier one. I am just sick of running over the same locations every day… And when I hear that after next patch elite chests can be open twice a day, it only means twice more mydgard, mines, sirens.

This is a pretty strange statement to me, as I find myself always visiting new and old areas all the time. I’m always crafting something to sell or roll, gathering materials, bouncing around to wars, invasions, little pvp bouts that break out between factions. It’s odd to me that one would think areas aren’t viable because an elite chest doesn’t exist in them. However, I do think the suggestion to add more of them is welcome regardless!


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