Make attribute respec use azoth instead of gold

It seems azoth for me is mostly useless - I’m always on 1000 from PVP.

I respec many times a day.

Often multiple times in a single OPR to match requirements - lots of healers on the other team I go down to 100 con 400 dex. Lots of ranged on the other team I go back up to 200 con 300 dex. I change again for PVE and again for dungeons.

Better still let us choose azoth or gold to pay so the wealthy PVE types don’t get nickers in a knot.

Just my 2 cents.


Agreed the cost is stupid, either let us respec for free with a CD, charge azoth or charge gold…give us all three options. I mean whats the big friggin deal anyways?


Not only do I disagree I would argue respec needs to be even more costly. Something like other games where you are charged more and more each time you respec with a degrading cost over time. Encouraging people to stick to a build rather than switch constantly to the flavor of the month. While fighting inflation by having a money sink something this game needs more of.


Pray tell what benefit there is to forcing people to be “stuck” in one build other than you feel people should?

If your gonna spout welp “other games xyz” then they should hand out free respec tokens every time they nerf a weapon or build and break what was working for you and now isn’t.

Inflation will never be fixed as long as companies get their grubby hands on town taxes.

That’s extremely stupid considering new world doesn’t have alts and people love to switch builds on the fly. They already tried this in WoW a couple expansions ago. It would cost more gold to respec your gear every time you did it and it was unanimously hated

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A couple hundred gold really isn’t anything. But I agree I think you should use azoth instead. Keep gold for player to player trading.

Taxes are not a source of inflation except for housing tax and only because AGS has designed the game to match gold for gold the taxes paid due to lowering the tax rate TOO low and not adjusting the upkeep costs. They should of lowered the upkeep instead of injecting GOLD.

It is an increase in circulated gold in the economy that increases buying power in general and thus raises the prices of ALL goods causing inflation.

The only counter to inflation is a reduction in gold in circulation which can only come from money sinks. Monkey sinks aren’t transfers of wealth - money sinks are costs that are paid to the game itself and that isn’t passed on to other players.

Respec costs and repairs are two of the most common money sinks in every MMORPG on the market. PVP players who are used to non persistent worlds aren’t as familiar with these concepts because a lot of PVP games out there don’t have persistent economies in them between players.

Overtime some inflation is good but we’ve seen rampant inflation over the last year due to all the gold injection that started in December of last year and they never curbed. Originally they had it so balanced the gold in circulation wasn’t enough and because of that common goods all sat at .01 each on the TP because there wasn’t an actual small enough currency fraction to actually account for cheap those goods should of been in the ecnomic state the game was in. You literally could buy iron ore for .01 each for a very long time.

The cheapest items on the market need to be more expensive than the lowest currency denomination to allow for competition in the free market if you can’t undercut an item there is no market.

As to why respec should cost gold - this isn’t a moba or some lobby PVP game. Choices should matter. Choosing your spec is a choice and should matter. You shouldn’t be able to change your spec willy nilly to the flavor of the month without cost. That isn’t how MMORPGs work - respecs aren’t free.

The only time you should get a FREE respec is a patch where a piece of mastery system changes affecting your weapon. Then it should reset your build issuing a free respec.


Wow has a lot of gold sinks on its own without respecs. Mounts and Mount Training. Repair Costs (Especially when your learning progression content). Crafting reagents you can only buy from vendors. Transmog. Barbershop.

There are numerous GOLD SINKs built into the economy that they don’t need to do it with respecs.

You can count on one hand gold sinks in NW.

  • Respec
  • House Purchases
  • Open World Repairs

That’s it.

I know how money sinks work but your whole argument is stupid. You say you want peeps to stay in their chosen spec, to stop meta switching, to make “choices” matter than use it should cost gold to cause the game needs a gold sink as a reason?

If people stop switching up it’s not a very effective gold sink is it. Also where do you think lots of the gold from RMT is coming from… some dude grinding mobs in windwards? No it’s from bots and companies…

Removing companies from being able to take town taxes is the first place is a good step to reducing inflation and we could even reduce the cost of certain basic things. If town taxes were stuck in town coffers and could only be used to upgrade that town then that gold would be getting back into the game economy.

Next is to remove the easy gold buttons that require very little time like opr and dungeons.

Like you say there’s too much gold in game and that isn’t due to selling things on the trade house or farming mats or even selling crafting CD’s cause all those are just moving coin from hand A to hand B.

Its the sources of “free” coin that are the problem and that’s from peeps spamming dungeons and opr etc etc where gold is introduced into the game.

It’s asinine to think THIS here what the OP is talking about could ever be an effective gold sink.

Except you’re missing the actual gold sinks. Buying mats and gear from the trading post. Oh and food. That’s like thousands of gold right there to finish your build for an hour.

People aren’t making millions of gold from the 500 coin bags from expeditions. Lol. There’s barely any new gold actually being generated in the game. People make their money from selling gear/high end mats. And to a lesser degree bulk mats like hide, herbs, wood etc. A lot of the richest players in the game play the market as well and actually farm nothing they just flip things

Those 500 gold bags are all “free” gold that is “introduced” into the economy and isn’t from switching hand A to hand B.

It is gold that is directly added into the economy. Allowing companies to take any gold from town taxes also makes it go back into the economy, if it was locked to town coffers for town upkeep only it would be an effective gold sink.

What you are talking about in the AH is just gold moving hands, not introducing gold. The AH doesn’t make gold magically appear it just makes some disappear through fees.

I understand what you mean. But the original point is individual gold sinks. 500 coin bags or OPR crates aren’t anything significant to be removed. It’s literally water and not a reliable way to make money at all

You dont seem to understand really though.

Flipping stuff in the market isn’t making gold or introducing gold into the the economy it is in fact removing some via fees.

It’s why some people rather sell via the trade channel to bypass those fees and save some gold.

Sure some people make bank flipping in the AH but that gold came from somewhere and that like I said…it is from sources where gold is introduced freely into the game like OPR bags etc etc. There not 50 million sources of gold.

It comes from quests, bag drops, opr and anything you get for participating in a mode for that isn’t taken from another player.

Why though?

I do think we need more gold sinks. Should enabling build diversity and incentivizing experimenting with different builds be penalized as a gold sink though? Definitely not. The freedom of having a classless system should not come as a cost to the player when he wants to engage with that system. 200 coins are not much, but it still disincentivizes players to switch between multiple specs often.

Respecs should definitely cost Azoth instead of Gold. Currently it creates an artificial barrier that is neither effective as a gold sink, nor does it add any value to the mechanic. It just an unnecessary annoyance that creates a ton of friction for no benefit.


I like the progression here:

  1. “Everything costs too much Azoth!”
  2. AGS reduces Azoth costs to basically nothing.
  3. “I have too much Azoth! Make more things cost Azoth!”

Personally, I’d rather attribute respecs cost far more gold and still have the old higher Azoth costs. Too many people expect resources to be meaningless in MMOs today. Make choices matter again; make resources matter again.

That’s not why people want reduced gold costs on respecs. They want reduced gold costs because they want their build to be as optimal as humanely possible for literally every activity they partake in. Look at the OP’s post: they’re not asking to be able to try out new builds; they’re asking to be optimal at all times. Even if the costs for respeccing were 2000 or 10000 gold, it wouldn’t be that much of a deterrent to trying new builds, because you don’t try out 15 different builds in a single day or whatever.

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How is it a ton of friction when people in this thread talking about the gold being thrown at them in OPR and Expeditions? When you can earn thousands of gold a day from easy sources? 200g a respec is cheap. WTF are you respecing 5 times a night to a point that i can be even remotely percieved to be “friction” as you call it.

I can only speak for myself, but I am often respeccing up to 5 times a day, sometimes even more.
Respecing from heal to dps and vice versa to fill roles in my dungeon/mutation groups. Then I want to play some OPR where I need to respec attributes aswell as skills. Done with that I may want to run some chests or enter a mutation again for which I have to change my build again.
I think the cost for respeccing is good, it allows me to play whatever I want whenever I want and not have to worry about going broke.
That said I agree there need to be more gold sinks for the lategame. No idea though how those could look like.

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If 200g is so cheap, what purpose does the cost serve though? I‘m genuinely interested why you‘re that invested in keeping a coin cost on a basic feature like respecs.

As I said previously it‘s definitely not effective as a gold sink, but it still penalizes people that want to play different specs for different content on a daily basis, even if it’s just on a psychological level. I actually don‘t know whats so hard to understand about that. If there was no friction, why did they originally reduce the cost down to 200?

But you‘re right, people are earning a ton of money (doing mostly PvE content) and that‘s why we need actual, meaningful goldsinks in the game. Blizzard understood that a long time ago, removed the cost to respec entirely and added vendors to the game that sold vanity items for absurd amounts of gold. That’s how you remove coin from the economy without leaving a bad taste every time you want to play a different piece of content.