Make attribute respec use azoth instead of gold

The cost for respec should not exist.

We already have a ton of builds we have to change for mutations, respec comes with that , they should not “punish” us for the system they created , forcing us to use it and pay for it at the same time.


Suggested this a long time ago.

I think the gold sink coming from this is just so massive that it cant be changed. I know i respec 10-15 times a day.

Why is that a bad thing though? It’s part of the fun to have different gearsets that are optimal for the type of content I acquired them for, so it’s just natural to also respec into the correct statline when I want to do that type of content.

If I play a Mage in PvP and a Tank for Mutations, do you seriously expect people to just go in with 150 STR / 150 INT / 200 CON because that’s the statline they’re left with after just swapping to their Tank gear?

Have you watched Superman movie where richard prior does the rounding hack? For one person 200g is cheap. But with everyone doing it. By some accounts here multiple times a day. That’s whollistically working to remove a good size of money from the economy.

5-10% of someone’s daily income in most causes I would wager. If they choose to respec that day.

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I’m confused. Do you agree it creates friction or do you not?

I believe that .01c would be considered friction by some so I can’t argue it’s not friction but no I don’t believe it is. It think folks complaining 200g is somehow a burden to pay to respec are just whiners that need to stop whining.


This game has very distinct modes that all have different requirements.

The respec cost is a disincentive along with the terrible gear management.

When I finish my primary interest (OPR) and think I might go do a dungeon, or invasion or even just PVE, I’ll usually just decide it isn’t worth the hassle and log off.

I can see why the PVE/Crafter types don’t like my Azoth suggestion.

If you want people to be involved in all these different types of content, respec costs should be free.

I think people logging off is more detrimental to the economy and game than some concern of losing an ineffective gold sink. Let’s face it, the economy is already well and truly fubar.

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Meanwhile, I’m over here respeccing 5 times within 10 minutes to test some damage on training dummies. I think the gold fee for respeccing is fine, if anything they should make it cost 100 Azoth along with 200gold.

Because it’s a social game. You’re not meant to be optimal at everything but rather to interact with and depend on other people. Making it easy for you to be optimal at all times disincentivizes the very core of an MMO. And that’s fine if that’s what you want to do, but the game should not be literally pushing you in that direction, hence things like respec costs.

As for this example… Maybe, just maybe, you should be a mage in PvP and a mage in mutations if you’re unwilling to spend money to be everything all at once.

Not sure what game or century you are playing in. Everyone is expected to be optimal at all times. Try get a group in your PVP gear for a mutation. Your point is ridiculous.

Maybe you are one of those dudes that wears PVE gear in OPR that I crit for 7.5k.


Your entire comment makes absolutely zero sense.


No they’re not. If you play with people who expect you to be nothing short of perfectly optimal, then you play with crappy people.

Well if you say so without any counterargument at all then I guess it’s true.

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I Strongly disagree with using azoth for respecs.
I want it to be with gold (maybe less expensive).
I would prefer it to be free.

OP just need to learn to earn gold.


Attribute Respec should cost a low amount of Azoth or be free.

Players should feel free to switch between DPS, Healer or Tank when joining groups without the hesitation of it costing gold.

Similarly with farming, which Players should view as a way to make gold. A player wishing to chop down trees with 300 CON and then change to Skinning, Harvesting, Mining or Fishing multiple times a day should not feel they are losing gold to take advantage of perks aimed at gaining them more gold.


Hard to counter a bunch of unrelated nonsense.


Make Respec free!
In a game, where you can play and be what you want, there is no need for that high costs.
I don’t like it being stuck in only one build - i like testing other things, trying out everything and so on… Especially for newer or recoming players, which play more solo, this costs are way too much!

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I’m getting bored after an hour playing the same build :slight_smile:
I want to test and try everything, especially when i got a new good weapon or something.
What’s the problem when respec is free?

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Hi everyone, Thanks for the feedback regarding the respec mechanic. I’ve escalated it to my team and they’ll consider any future changes to it.

If it would be changed in any way then the team would post about it on forums(separate thread) or in patch notes.


Maybe theres a solution “inbetween” so everyones happy!?

Give us 3-5 respecs/day and after that 200 gold or/and a couple hundred azoth.

I for one respec like 12 times a day, mainly because of the woeful Group Finder System. I like to Main a Tank, If I just make a lobby and wait, it will 90% of the time never fill up, have to use the Chat Channels to advertise and that still doesn’t always work. So sometimes a group doing a mutation level I want needs a healer, i’ll do that, or a DPS etc etc.

Considering the amount of other MMO’s that do a LFG system correctly and they added this shit system is criminal.

I don’t flip the Trading Post, I’m not a high end crafter, slowly getting higher, but what I do is farm some raw materials and sell them.

So from my perspective I don’t really see the need for a change, but I do agree with other replies, I’m often sat on 1000 Azoth, so maybe it can be an either option.

I see items on the AH for 100k+, the simple answer is don’t pay it. That’s how prices come down, when people trying to sell and it never sells, so they have to lower their prices. They lose their deposit if it doesn’t sell, so that’s one way to hurt the rich xD