Make Board missions easier by 80%

I watched the video “New World: Dev Update - December 2022” and I would like to comment on the issue of facilitating quests on the village board.
In the video it is mentioned that they will facilitate the accomplishment of the missions in 70 to 80%.

My opinion: They shouldn’t make it easier but rather improve the rewards. If the reward was much higher in gold, I’m sure a larger number of players would.


  • Village Board Quest: the first 3 quests added together would give 5k gold.
  • PvP Faction Mission: the first 3 missions added together would give 10k gold.

I think that significantly increasing the reward is better than making it easier, in addition to encouraging players to do and have more activities in the game.



Paradise for Bots

What needs to be done is weeding out the bots and not failing to include better activities/rewards because of a few that get it wrong.

What bothers me about the change is that people who do Townboard for Standing then have what feels like only an hour to accept missions after a new project is started.
As soon as the upgrade is “finished” it takes the rest of the day without offering missions until you can start a new project.


good point!

Indeed! I’ve been saying this for weeks. Incentivize townboards for players. Your example of rewards does seem a bit too generous. However the sentiment is spot on.

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Appreciate the feedback on the potential impact of these changes! There are always 3 quests available, and the Faction quests provide Territory Standing as well, but this is still good feedback. As mentioned in the Dev Video, we’ll be watching how the implementation plays out and adjusting as needed.

Thanks so much for you attention.

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Since they nerfed the Town Board quest rewards (this was known on PTR before Brimstone was released on Live), none wants to do them anymore and Town owners usually spam in chat “please come and help with town board quests”.

So instead of increasing the rewards that would motivate players to do them, they are lowering the requirements to upgrade town by 80% so the Company that owns the Town can get their gold flowing.

Seems weird to me.

5k and 10k is too much.

Do agree that the rewards need to be better.

Such as adding umbrals :smiley:

Or just adding daily gypsum to the townboards.


Literally any reward increase, even if it was just more town standing points would have been a better solution.


I like that idea!

thats a really good idea.
You also fix the “bot problem” with this. Bots can’t do anything with Gypsum.
But for players it could be worth it to do the quests for gypsum.

Reduce cooldown on town board missions and increase the Territory Standing would be the best solution. Long term maybe add another standing option of crafting bonuses to encourage people to craft in the town. Give people reasons to do the town boards and help build up cities. Outside of a slight decrease of tax fees, this should not imbalance anything and should be fairly easy to implement.

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Then nerfing the boards is the wrong direction IMO. I think a better solution would be to give XP some value post level 60. Right now XP hits the floor and honestly it would be great if there was something that went towards (think crafting and gathering post 200 system)

Offering more rewards is the better option. I think them nerfing them the first time was also a net loss for players and the economy


I hope you all consider restoring how the town board system works to how it used to work, and give XP some value post level 60. Town boards being double nerfed seems like a massive loss to the player economy


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