Make company rewards

i think it would be a good idea, to do so you get a reward ingame from being active in the company . like a support system, where you fx do an amount of influence every day you get a reward or participate in invasion + wars, which will force the community to be more active and abstrat to participate in stuff. or make something there wants people to join a company be active in there, join events and stuff like that, because how the game is made its not possible to play alone otherwise you will quit at somepoint.

the reward could be something like this:

push 800 influence: gives like 1000 umbral shards or a bag of gold with 1500 gold in it.

Join defense and attack war: gives a bag of war related stuff tier 5 (gemstone, balm, honingstone) + 500 umbral + 500 extra gold + make war crate a bit better by removing blue items permantly.

winning Invasion: gives invasion crate which removes blues so you get legendary or purple + 500 umbral shards and a bag of crafting materials. just buff this to make more attractive

opr and arena: just increase pvp track to be better or more new items or make it more worth to do.

think this game reached a point where it should focus it community it has now, instead of trying to bring to many new people in give some content or make it like you do a really big update like the brimstone one and then after do a subription thing or premium or something, so you got like some income to make more content availbe. because i think it would be rough with all the new mmo coming out, if you dont do something big/huge at somepoint or find a way to stabalize the game more.

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