Make cooldown once per day, not once per xx hours

This would be great for player flexibly, and not change the overall amount of crafted items over time. If you haven’t crafted you cool down on the servers date, you can.

Just makes it easier for the players with little or no impact to the game in general.


One of the dev posts said they planned to implement a server reset time instead of the current system of hours, but it would not be right away.


Well I don’t know what ‘server reset time’ means, and is it still governed by a time component, seems so going by the name?

Like at 2 Am (preferred time by other mmos) eastern time, sever resets all cooldowns of players. Chests, crafts…all of it.

This is the most relieving way to implement cooldown. You can plan to do stuff at certain times and go about your regular activities. It’s awesome.

What it means is that daily cooldowns will reset at a particular time, for example midnight. So if your schedule varies a bit you don’t have to worry about hitting the same time every day, or potentially missing a cooldown day.

This is what you were asking for, I thought?

Oh then you have not understood the request. What I am suggesting is not a time, but a date. If you haven’t crafted your cool down today, you can. If you have, you can’t, the TIME at which you craft is irrelevant.

That achieves the same result, good to see.

Already planned

This would be great.

Yep. This is a no brainer. I keep having to stay up later and later to hit my CD until I eventually lose a day. Simple fix.

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