Make drops like Path of Exile

You can theoretically get a mirror drop (mirror is most sought after item) as a level one character in the first map. The odds are astronomically low, but there’s still a chance. The chance gets better the more levels you have and the later in the game you are (or higher tier map).

Get rid of the nonsense luck gear. It’s fun to hope for a cool drop and to sometimes get it especially if the odds are low.

It’s not fun to have to run around with weird spec’ed gear that you constantly have to change, in certain area’s under certain circumstances to have a sliver of a chance to get a tiny part of something cool that you will have to grind to even be able to make for hours and hours and hours. Not fun. Games are supposed to be fun.

Please look at Path of Exiles as a case study, they do drops and luck right.

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