Make Flame Core drop chance increase by PvP flagging luck

I see you do not understand the basics of combat

I am not sure how that is a relevant comment.

PvP and PvE is the same at it’s base.

You’d have to explain that.

Sure, its the same skills, dodges, i-frames, and core game mechanics, but there are a lot of differences in the approach to combat between high end PvP and PvE content. I play both so I don’t subscribe that either is “superior” but they are definitely different.

That’s what I was complaining about. I don’t like pve but had to in order to level up at a bare minimal

Sorry I didn’t mean kill taxing I meant to say kill trading.

I agree there should be a time limit for the amount of do you get. And that the first kill is good. The problem is when there is 30v30 at some random point and people get downed ( unlike opr or arenas ) and ultimately healers end up snagging all the kills by accident and if they don’t all the ranged will. I guess they could just give you the rewards for downing someone and that might save from all the do being stolen

Also there is a timer based on how long they have been flagged ( not positive but I think it’s ten minutes )
So if I’m taking a fort and someone flags and comes to the fort and I win that fight I won’t get any xp

I guess I don’t really mean let abusers abuse it just the current system should be tweaked


Yea. I can get behind some tweaks to the system. I think PvP XP should be awarded the first time I kill someone, not reset when someone else kills them. That would solve a lot of the problems and make it where griefing someone by killing them multiple times doesn’t give rewards. But when someone else last hits someone and now I can’t get rewards from that person for like 10 minutes, thats pretty dumb.

Though grouping up solves some of this. You get rewards when your group mate gets kills. So much of this game is designed around playing in a group, from War, OPR, and open world, but NW players just refuse to be social. They just want to solo dolo around in their assassin builds instead of grouping up and getting the full value from the array of builds available.