Make gathering throphies upgrades drop thru gathering?

im a gatherer i hate chest farming , why am i not rewarded for doing what i like a lot.

fishing gets theirs through fishing

I agree. I hate the current state of trophy farming. There’s no way to target farm any gathering trophy upgrade item besides fishing. I’ve farmed 35+ chests with a lot of luck for hours and managed to get one entire item. It was an engineering trophy item.

Change the items into rare flowers/ore etc and make them come from actual gathering instead of chest farming. Having both crafting and gathering trophy items come from chests is awful.


currently the only way to upgrade your (gathering) trophies is with a special material that only drops through supply chests

what i want is that those special materials to be dropped through gathering instead, because not everyone likes farming chests all day long.

it’d also be more consistent with fishing which already drops through fishing.

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