Make goods or false promises?

So far, I have been told i will be given make goods for
-Geometric Rug Pattern (Nov 21)
-Deleted Yeti Fur Recurve Bow (Nov 21)
-Open World Legendaries not dropping (fay of the cov, putris, etc…)
-and Now, make good for the mutator chests and such.

These are just the ones off the top of my head, I am sure others have been “promised” many similar things throughout the months.
Honestly… I’m not holding my breath. Its been months

Sounds like you should have learned by now.

The first patch deleted my celestial hare. This last patch deleted my already learned, but not working schematic to make a stone mason table. Pretty sure I will never see either of them again even though I wasted the time to report the first one. I have a screen shot of the stone mason pattern, but why even bother the customer service is non existent it seems.

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Me either, but that is because I don’t play anymore.

I too took the time to report many thousands worth of broken schematics… quite sure we’ll never see that “made good” along with these and any other things. Just remember, the reduced tax was supposed to be a “make good” that ruined the game. Congratulations :tada:

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