Make gypsum have more variaty

The BIG problem with gypsum system

Make gypsum be gainable by harvesting and refining in a balanced way to include everyone that plays the game their way.

The video sums it up i just wanted to post it on the forum.


I have to say that AGS has completely lost touch with the player community. With Gypsum, another system is brought into play that relies on high concurrent player numbers. How can you implement such a system when the servers are just dying out?

Basically, I think the approach is really good, but unfortunately you won’t achieve anything on 475 of 485 servers with this system.

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Very good video with some very good ideas on how to make Gypsum actually work for everyone. For all player styles.

Hope AGS watches it… maybe employ him to come up with good ideas for the future of the game.


you can get gypsum by harvesting… just cut down some trees and get the skill lvls,
if they add gypsum drops from notes or refining on top of lvln the skill it would make it even more profitable to just farm like crazy or buy/refine/sell as it is right now…
But some pve or pvp gypsum could have a second ways to be obtained i agree

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I posted this on the PTR…

I hope they read this and take it into consideration…

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